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LED processing of solder paste some requirements of

From: Data:31/08/2016

LED what paste , we now are using LED chip processing what solder paste? A considerable part of the people have just come into contact with the LED industry has such doubts. In fact, we have a general understanding of LED solder paste. It simply divided into two categories: green and non green solder paste. Environmental protection paste we called lead-free solder paste and lead-free solder paste but also with the melting point is divided into: low temperature solder paste 138 degrees of melting point, medium temperature solder melting point of 178 degree, high temperature solder paste 217 degrees of melting point. Non environmental paste we are often called or 6337 lead solder paste.

selection, first you confirm your LED about the needs of an understanding, that is, you need to produce LED environmental protection? The LED lamp can withstand high temperature? If there is no environmental requirements of the situation of the first lead solder paste, because it is cheaper in price cost. Now we focus to understand lead-free solder paste the and relative characteristics of low temperature solder paste and medium temperature solder paste is relatively low melting point, can protect the LED lamp beads, will not let in the oven when as for dead lights or protect the life of the LED lamp. But they have shortcomings: the vulnerability of the solder joints, that is, in a certain degree of time, easy to drop out of the phenomenon. For example: now there is a landscape lighting LED lights, is a flexible sheet, in the way through the fold, it is easy to find the solder joints peel fracture phenomenon, resulting in the phenomenon of. In the low temperature solder paste or medium temperature solder paste selection of substrate generally if hard products, such as aluminum plate, ceramic plate, glass fiber board selection. High temperature solder paste and melting point high, but strong welding strength etc.. In a word, fluorescent lamp, high power lamp can use low temperature solder paste, medium temperature solder paste or lead solder paste, LED lamp belt can be used high temperature solder paste or leaded solder paste.