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How to choose the full-color LED display

From: Data:01/09/2016

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general customers in the purchase of full-color LED display, the first thing to consider is the LED display specifications.

we look at, full-color LED display specifications is determined by those factors:

1, the display environment, outdoor, semi outdoor or indoor, the environment is not the same, waterproof requirements is not the same. Outdoor waterproof requirements are high, generally above IP65. According to the environment can determine the approximate selection scope is outdoor full color display or semi outdoor full color display, or indoor full color display! The size of the beads is behind, and,,,

2, the best observation position from installing display distance, visual distance, the distance is very important, it directly determines the you purchase display models, the general indoor full color display model for P6 P7.62 P10 p12 outdoor full color display screen model for P10, p12 and p16, P20, etc., these are conventional, such as the pixel screen, screen, special-shaped screen specifications are not the same, here only said conventional P digital distance unit is mm, in general we visible distance is the minimum value is equivalent to p behind digital. That is, the best distance of P10 is 10 meters. This method is only a rough estimate!

in addition to a relatively scientific and specific methods, that is, to use per square beads density to calculate, for example P10 point density to 10000

/square, best distance equal to 1400 divided by (the point density of the open square). Such as 1400/10000 is P10 open square =


meters, that is, the best observation P10 display distance of 14 meters!

A, the above two methods directly determine the full-color LED display specification problem, is that customers in the choose and buy when must pay attention to two points

1, display the environment.

2, the best observation position from the distance of the display screen.

only know these, you can choose to match your environment, to achieve the best effect of full color LED display screen.

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