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LED industry I see six

From: Data:01/09/2016

this few days saw some LED industry on the positive and negative articles, the two sides speak seems reasonable, but no one article can be vital to the industry, make the reader more and more confused.
first stated, LED lighting industry as a product assembly terminal, basically don't consider such special professional technology, an assembly is the take over something good (don't get me wrong, I speak is not a simple copy of the others products, but are aware of the raw materials bought with aspects), right to use, give full play to the its characteristics, meet the requirements of the design of the products, even if the completion of the, don't get out luminous flux and so on so much to let the user dizzy patterns, for the user, you speak more complex they less trust. LED
industry in the end there is no way out? This is the problem that we discussed for a long time, this problem in my opinion, this industry is not only a way out, but also a very way out, but also will be a very brilliant industry.
said there is a way out, we still have to emphasize is the characteristics of LED. (I don't know from the characteristics of this article why also can analysis clearly and logically? And it makes everyone very much. Why LED can be set to make the display? Because it has characteristics of small and flexible and rich colors, its shape size between ordinary display and lighting, fast reaction speed, less heat, driven, flexible control, high brightness, waterproof properties is good, long life and other advantages, this is led display screen to rapidly gained market recognition of the capital. Of course, the use of these advantages can also be used to do lighting products, which is the direction of the LED industry, we must have the advantage of the current application.
but we can not only see its advantages, but also to fully recognize its shortcomings. What are the disadvantages?
voltage problem, LED is a low voltage semiconductor products, which is one of the biggest drawbacks (relative to the lighting products). Why? Because our current civilian power network voltage for the AC 220V (normal value), and the LED application is only less than 4V of the DC power, which in the middle of the conversion link to the application of our products brought inconvenience. And lighting AC 220V directly, fluorescent tube due to the long time use of people formed a habit, accessory circuit directly to do the lamps and lanterns, besides energy-saving lamp current is used directly, it is convenient, the price is very low.
hot, LED is a cold light source, LED light does not represent a fever, a small power single LED heating is very little, but a high power LED heat is very alarming, if calorific value per unit area of the noun measure may be greater than the amount we fever electric kettle in unit time (I have no specific data, please provide a thank you, who have so much heat) in the small area in a short time, which formed the temperature effect, the heat will produce fatal damage to the LED chip, so in the design of the device when you try to put the heat to guide and effective to shed, this is a technical problem, and also consider the problem of assembly design.
light, LED is a small product, made a with high intensity, wide space efficient integrated LED group to consider every single type optical phase matching relationship between, at present in this field in the LED lighting industry talent shortage, existing talent never laid a hand on him, related simulation software also exist various simulation error, R & D difficulty greatly, which seriously restrict the development of the industry.
brightness problem, LED brightness is very high, CREE can do 167LM/W, very bright, but in such a small area issued so strong light is not a kind of light pollution? If it is, how to put such a small area of high intensity light, effectively, rarely losses transformation pairs of human eyes no stimulation of gentle lamp or playing on the object, which is not only a technical problem, but also a relates to applications in the field of technical problems.
of course and I have enumerated to advantages and disadvantages, but in a word, such not only many good advantages, has a lot of disadvantages and advantages of our present stage to find ways to use to the products and shortcomings, we should continue to explore, with the industry technology is mature, shortcomings will be less and less, not a desire, but certainly will someday.
in the industry for enterprise speaking, to constantly update their technical level and follow up on technical development, extended its awareness, continue to accumulate experience; at the present stage in thinking to avoid the disadvantage of product design (product design to first consider the market positioning based on the advantages of LED, not necessarily cheaper products is the way), but don't forget to its shortcomings, always keep in mind the disadvantages, there is always one day, with technology development will eventually find a good technical solution, in terms of the enterprise will certainly benefit greatly. For those speculative enterprises can find some male die and together some of the products, low price shocks to the market, causing confusion in the market, fish in troubled waters, there will always be a harvest.