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Shenzhen started the first Chinese beta project

From: Data:01/09/2016

yesterday (5), Shenzhen LED street lamp in the beta program start conference announced that the first LED street lamp in the beta program from July 5, officially launched, on the performance of LED street lamp will be in 2013 January announced a definitive conclusion. LED Shenzhen's

industry started earlier, especially rapid development in recent years. As early as December 2010, the Nanshan District science and technology innovation Bureau officially will be 2010 Shenzhen LED street light open test as an industrial alliance to cooperate in R & D projects to be approved. Project by the Shenzhen Nanshan Science and technology firm LED production and Research Alliance responsible for the implementation of.

after a wide range of strict selection, the final selection of Lehman photoelectric and other four LED companies to test. Beta time from July to the end of January 2013. Beta period, four led companies in each lottery 7 LED lights in the Nanshan District, Xili Bai mang Guan Baiwang letter Industrial Park test, test performed by the Shenzhen Municipal Quality Inspection Metrology Research Institute.