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LED display technology continues to introduce new

From: Data:01/09/2016

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LED display technology include semiconductor optoelectronic devices and circuit of electronic technology, integrated circuit technology, image information processing technology, information transmission technology, computer network technology and electronic product manufacturing and electronic products installation engineering related techniques, in the LED display technology, the following aspects of technology in practice continuously improve and received widespread concern and attention.

display color, brightness and visual angle of

due to the rapid development of semiconductor industry, driven by the light emitting diode manufacturing materials and improvement of production process, has made a qualitative leap in terms of color and brightness, high brightness, low degradation of blue and pure green light-emitting diode has a large-scale production and application, currently LED advertising screen from color to meet the indoor outside under the different environment monochrome, dual color. Full color display requirements, four elements of the red LED devices and high brightness blue, pure green in the outdoor display to be widely used.
in display production using SMD surface mount technology led during can obtain better visual angle and brightness, has been in high density, indoor full color display applied, but the relative cost is relatively high, with a decrease in the cost of the device, the future will be relatively large market potential.

grayscale control technology

LED display in graphic display, the same color with differential interval brightness, color combination, can achieve 16, 64, 255 grey level, in order to make the results more consistent with human visual characteristics and the nonlinear differential adjusting ash technology, namely small in a low luminance region difference, series increased gradually to high brightness zone differential increases, the formation of visual effects, "differential consistency." Currently advertising LED large screen control gray generally in a 256, through the use of a nonlinear gray tone technology, screen display effect is more real and delicate, actually, by the data, the restriction of the source of the image signal, the simple pursuit of a large number of gray control, in the actual price value is questionable.

drive is based on the universal integrated circuit to design the driving circuit for the circuit

LED outdoor display of the widespread use of, the principle is relatively simple, cheap, relatively strong product technology open, through IC design driving circuit in the indoor and outdoor monochrome, dual color display applications mature, is still the mainstream of the drive circuit, this constant current driver IC developed rapidly and received attention and wide application, constant current drive technology according to the LED device of luminescence and drive current highly correlated features, greatly improve the uniformity of LED display. Colleagues, reduce the display driver circuit resistance capacity of the original, reducing the fault point, so that the LED ad large screen more reliable, beautiful.

to display the special IC at home and abroad has been received attention this year, foreign IC camera manufacturers launched for LED advertising screen dedicated IC driver chip, the chip on the original universal driver IC integration were improved, the display driving circuit design is simple and convenient, function is improved, but also a corresponding increase in the cost of. LED domestic and foreign
display manufacturers have put in force, the development of the design of suitable for their own product development needs of large-scale or large scale dedicated LED driver circuit. This kind of special IC is relatively complex, strong function, such special driver IC and simplify the complexity of the display system design, in a certain extent enhances the display function, improve the stability of the whole, with the positive significance but also should see, make our country each LED of design and development of LED special driver IC design, from the aspects of cost value is not reasonable.

system control circuit input interface to include in the control system technology,

LED display, signal control, conversion and digital processing circuit output excuse circuit and many specific technologies involved, the for concern in the industry research, development and application of key technologies, including; serial transmission parallel transmission, dynamic scanning and static latches, input interface technology, automatic detection, remote control technology.

communication transmission and network control

according to the real-time information transmission and display, LED display screen of communication transmission control communication transmission and video transmission. Video transmission mode is the LED display and multimedia technology together, and realized in LED display real-time display on a computer monitor, can play video and television programme, generally used for real-time information display playback the video control mode. Specific transmission is the use of a pair of dedicated long line transmission of the circuit.

with the development of computer network technology, LED display screen under the network environment in the use of more and more, in the multimedia, a variety of display equipment is composed of information display system, the intelligent network control, network control multi screen technology also in the actual application.