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LED enterprise survival of the road

From: Data:01/09/2016

in the field of LED industry, there are similar in the field of microelectronics Moore's law, prediction of Agilent's former technical scientist Roland haitz, led prices every ten years will one tenth of the original, performance will be increased by 20 times, formally the prediction, LED industry to bring unlimited broad prospects. LED industry after decades of rapid development, the market from scratch, from small to large and mature. The early development of the industry, because the entry threshold is not high, profit is rich at the same time, the industry as a whole can be said is a "profiteering industry", as the grow in quantity that participates in the market competition, the intense competition in the industry is becoming more and more obvious, the price of scrimmage at a certain stage occupy the mainstream market, development to today, the industry as a whole can said to have entered a "low profit era", if the market competition is compared to a game, although the number of competitors in the competition, but only one winner. When the price war era in the past, the enterprise should be how to face the future to become the most noteworthy problem?

first, for high-tech companies, technology is the source for enterprise development, the enterprise should strengthen technological innovation, innovation is the premise of long-term survival of an enterprise, the technology in the industry of similar resulting in homogenization products, finally makes the enterprise core competition force, the market competition began to gradually by the "wolf" of to rational aspects of change, more and more enterprises have already realized, in the "Red Sea" competition undoubtedly to the enterprise in chronic suicide, only to improve the core competence of the enterprise, can make enterprise prolonged does not fade. Future, innovative products, creative market will be an important symbol of the rational development of enterprises in the future. Only wisdom can create the market, only wisdom can lead the market. So enterprises should increase investment in technological innovation, thus generating a new competitive growth point.

second, to strengthen brand building and promotion is a priority. The long-term price war and innovation ability low so that the overall quality of the industry is not high, even to disrupt the market environment, reshape the image of the industry, improve product quality, enhance the visibility, every enterprise must seriously consider and solve problems. All enterprises do not look at the price war above enterprises should do their own products to do fine, because the product is the key to the development of enterprises. Enterprise if want to win a place in the "Warlords wars" LED market, with innovative philosophy adhere to make every piece of product, to create a well-known brand.

again, market segmentation, enterprise development just when facing difficulties, but also there is no lack of the success of the enterprise from the cracks, and sometimes the market segments, from the beginning of the bias in the corner, in the progressive development and obtain the success probability is much the same. Enterprises can be the initial market segments, looking for competitors less blue ocean, the chance of success is even greater.

finally, enterprises should also strengthen cooperation with upstream and downstream, LED display products design and materials science, optics, computer, electronics and other technology, enterprises should strengthen cooperation with upstream and downstream enterprises and scientific research units, prior to the integration of resources, speed up the display industry technical progress.