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Influence factors of

From: Data:01/09/2016

The luminance uniformity of

led display screen is mainly determined by two factors, the light emitting element and the driving element.

light emitting element, that is, the LED luminous tube, in the production process has inevitably inconsistent brightness and manufacturers to take countermeasures are in production after the completion of the sub file, two adjacent stalls brightness difference is small, consistent with the better, but resulting in refined rate low and high inventory levels and more serious. Therefore, the production of the adjacent two stalls of the brightness difference is controlled at about 20%.

driver components are generally constant current driver chips, such as MBl5026, etc.. The chip contains 16 constant current driver output, can be used to set the current output value of resistance, with a chip of the output of the error control within 3%, the output error of different chip control within 6%.

so, LED display screen between the pixels appear 25% brightness error is normal, this is the ideal situation, if the LED luminous tube manufacturer cannot provide the same grade (screen size larger often have this situation), will make the error of brightness has risen by 40% to products.