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LED display which scanning way and how to distinguish between LED scanning way?

From: Data:01/09/2016

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sales from the market analysis, the LED display driver scanning method is divided into two, a dynamic scan, the second is static sweep. What is dynamic and static scan? How should we define it?
do for the LED display screen industry insiders know that includes a complete set of large screen from manufacture of beads, unit module assembly of a housing assembled, and so on a series of complex workflow, details also includes related components procurement, product testing and burn-in test. In the detection process, when the technician in the light screen, to see all of the pixels of the LED light is lit at the same time, the screen is used in a static scanning mode. If you see a technician in the light screen, LED lights to light up the row or column is not continuous, rather a point is corresponding a group of lights lit in a very short period of time and then goes out, also lit a lamp group, like the kind of scanning mode is belongs to the dynamic scan. Scanning mode of LED
display can be divided into 1/1 scan, 1/2 scan, 1/4 scan, 1/8 scan, 1/16 scan and scan. In the industry rarely listen to technicians say 1 /1 scan, is generally said that the static scan, if requested by the customer his screen driven by scanning the 1 /1, then you want to know customers say 1 /1 sweep is our industry in the static sweep. Use static scanning mode is often used for outdoor screen, because its brightness is relatively high, however, the static scanning costs of electricity, but screen resolution is much higher than other four dynamic scanning mode, the price will be relatively more expensive. 1/2
scan, 1/4 scan, 1/8 scan, 1/16 scan all belong to the dynamic scanning mode, the more the more, the lower the definition. 1/4 scan is refers to the 4 row, the same time only 1 lines were lit, and other kinds of scanning methods and so on. There is a good way to remember is when you see the LED lights lit or pixel points, one of the blocks of the whole unit board, then he is a bit of a scan mode.
in fact, with our naked eye directly to the screen, and then the right to say what the screen is a scanning way, it is very difficult to identify. But we can remember several commonly used way of scanning from the LED display and the classification of the different specifications, as follows:
A. indoor screen
indoor screen single and double color is generally by 1 /16 sweep; if it is indoor full color, such as common p4.75 and P4 is the 1 /16 sweep, P6, P7.62, P8 is using 1 /8 sweep. Using
B. outdoor screen
outdoor single and double color sweep 1 /4; outdoor full color screen P10 and p12 using constant current 1 /2, sweep 1 /4, p16, P20, P25 by static scan mode.
C. half open air screen by 1/4 scan, commonly used in the screen door.