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LED ceiling lamp selection

From: Data:01/09/2016

home decoration, the need to buy LED ceiling lamp, following the experience of my purchase. Led ceiling of the choice must match with the decoration style, I buy led ceiling light when ran a lot of stores, see a lot of money. Models and prices look confused, did not determine which one to buy. Because the living room ceiling lamps LED shows the owner's taste, so when buying or means of comparison. The ceiling lamp is a lot of light, not to say which style is better, the key question is to see where you are. LED lamp is the core chip, but the quality of chips can not with the naked eye see, so you just have to choose the brand, such as St. mal, Philips, Op, is relatively good brand, better quality assurance and complete after-sales service.

in addition, in the use process pay attention to cooling, lamps and driving don't be covered with debris, lest because the heat problem caused service life shortens.