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Intelligent lighting has gradually become the development trend of LED industry

From: Data:01/09/2016

intelligent lighting gradually become the development trend of LED industry, users can set the scene lighting according to their own needs, so as to control the color and brightness of LED lights, in order to meet the requirements of different occasions. Not only that, through the installation of sensors, &ldquo on the LED; perceived ability ” can adjust the brightness according to the surrounding environment. Force intelligent lighting in the field of

light as long as the need to take place is enough. In the industry view, only in this way will not have light pollution and waste. If the surrounding environment is bright, or is there is no one around, it emits a light will be reduced, in order to achieve the purpose of environmental protection; if the outside is very black, or someone passed by, especially at midnight, the light will become brighter. Quanzhou, Fujian, said a company.

intelligent lighting potential infinite gradually into the LED industry as the new darling of <

to create a new profit growth point

now we often change the phone, not a bad change, but the new mobile phone adds a lot of features. So a product to occupy the market must provide additional values and new features, for the LED product is also the case. In a lot of Quanzhou optoelectronics business person in charge, the current LED terminal prices continued to decline, profits will shrink, and build intelligent lighting is a new growth point of the industry.

industry a rough estimate, in the next few years, the market size of China's LED light source will exceed $100 billion. And the current domestic intelligent lighting market penetration rate is less than 2%, product application mainly reflected in dimming LED landscape lamp, color temperature led street lamp and monitoring. The future of smart home lighting, intelligent road lighting and other markets will be greatly expanded. Even with a permeability of 20%, there are tens of billions of dollars (total billion yuan) of market space to be excavated.

addition, the product will also greatly enhance the added value. Philips had launched a iPhone, iPad (paired with built-in applications) WiFi control LED lighting can be used autonomously adjust brightness and color, the whole system costs $199.95, even if purchased separately a lighting also need $59.95, the price is several times more than ordinary LED light.

according to research found that with the power driver chip LED lamps factory price higher than the ordinary lamps 20% to 30%. Only this one intelligent configuration can increase at least 20% of the gross profit for the lighting, while some high-end dimmable products can even reach more than 30%.