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LED unique characteristics of the rapid development of

From: Data:19/12/2016

science and technology progress and constantly promote the development of lighting lamps, LED lamps and lanterns with, energy saving, stable, long life, no pollution and other excellent characteristics, in line with today's & ldquo; green energy saving, safety and environmental protection & rdquo; trends in lighting, wide purpose, is recognized as the 21st century the most valuable new energy.

, as a new type of lighting source, LED lamps and lanterns and traditional light source, the incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, on the structure, properties, exist great differences, and due to the rapid development of LED industry, new products continue to emerge, the LED lamp is diversification, diversification of development, the influence of these factors, resulting in such testing and standard work relative lag, has gradually become one of the major reasons affect the LED lamps and lanterns to promote the use and the development of the industry. This paper introduces the important role of LED in the industry as well as the future development direction from the history of LED. In the late twentieth Century, after being invented, LED lamps and lanterns gradually developed into a new generation of lighting energy. Compared with traditional light sources, such as fluorescent lamps, incandescent lamp, LED lamp with low energy consumption, use for a long time, no harmful radiation, compact and lightweight, response speed, not on the environment caused by pollution and to adapt to a wide range, instead of the traditional light as a new generation of lighting energy, is the trend of the times. Restrained the development of today's world, by the energy shortage, pollution and other factors, and LED lamps and lanterns, let people see a way to solve the problem, to abandon the traditional high energy consumption of lighting source, LED lights, can save a lot of energy, and reduce the pollution of the atmosphere, and for people's health, it is beneficial, green and environmental protection is led lamps and lanterns, the biggest advantage of exergy is also in line with today's trend of development. However, due to the restrictions of various conditions, LED lights have not been widely used, in which the detection, assessment and other work is one of the limitations of the relatively backward. Compared with the general light source, LED light special and variety, so can not be the traditional light source detection standards and detection methods to move to LED detection.

with the development of LED industry, for the requirements of the detection equipment are increasing, testing standards, a variety of instruments and test method also relatively request higher, aisili LED industry for R & D out a series of testing equipment, thermal shock test box for detecting environmental testing of LED lighting lamps and lanterns, PCT accelerated aging test box for the service life of the detection of the LED lighting lamps and lanterns, after standard testing of LED products by national identity, is also worth letter Chennai. In this regard, the future still need to strengthen the detection of LED lamps and research and development, the only way to LED in the lamp industry which is enduring.