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LED lamps and lanterns testing standards increased market showing the survival o

From: Data:19/12/2016

because of the semiconducting properties of the LED lamps and lanterns, it with the traditional light source in the luminous flux, color has great difference, at this stage of the LED lamp classification standard is not unified, the characteristics of LED lighting products, also still cannot complete expressed by the manufacturer, just by virtue of the LED lamps and lanterns, the view and manufacturers mark, users to identify the similarities and differences, so launched a unified file classification and identification method is very necessary. Detection of LED lamps and lanterns, if there is no corresponding standard specification, will lead to confusion in the industry, not to mention product further promotion and popularization. With LED lamps and lanterns of various technical progress, innovation and using a range of large area expansion, led standard work did not follow the development, opposite, related work is still relatively backward, has promulgated the standard, the content also obsolete parts. Therefore, one of the priorities of the current work is to solve this problem, the establishment of a standard LED system is very urgent. International Standard IEC on LED lamps and lanterns based research group has been carried out a lot of research and developed a multiple such as flux, forward voltage grading standards and other professional and technical standard file. Relative to the diversification of LED lamps and lanterns, product standards are also increasing.

LED products connector and socket standard, provisions of LED lighting products socket size and gauge of standard series is IEC60061. In recent years, IEC60061 standard series to and increasing the lamp holder, a lamp cap, a connector specification matching, a revision of the existing data, and adds new data. The LED lighting lamps and lanterns is also the case, the connector type in the continuous development of the update, the IEC60061 standard of the relevant data, but also in the ensuing changes, increase. Lamp holder, lamp holder, connectors and other types of LED lights and safety should be consistent with the relevant ICE standard. The standard lamp holder class.

is because constrained by multiple criteria, Asli assume the task of LED testing standards, by testing equipment to verify LED products, greatly enhance the efficiency in the production of LED products, is not only products passing rate has been greatly improved, the quantity and quality are obtained great progress, also aisili by led business letter Chennai, led enterprise of much home and aisili cooperation have to aisili for recognition of thanks! At the same time, Sili will be in the future for more LED enterprises, for the benefit of more LED industry producers.

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