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LED display, Xincheng royal garden open

From: Data:19/12/2016

recently, with Taizhou Hin, royal garden sales center opening of the pre-sale, Ding Yuan in the construction of the sales center creative led full-color display along with light.

Hin, royal garden located in Hailing District Yongding Road, No. 500, by Shanghai Xin Development Group, is a French court style market. Covers an area of square meters, with a total construction area of 400 thousand square meters, set the top Residence Panorama, clubs, kindergartens in one. The kindergarten covers an area of 5400 square meters. Communities on the north side of the design of sports parks and independent commercial facilities.

Shanghai Xin into group, the strong presence of Taizhou, in one fell swoop down south of new core area of high-quality plots, spending heavily distinguished influential architectural design company, pan Canadian Pacific Design Group, and renowned international landscape design company in Australia five bay, generous build south district chief French court style market -- Hin, royal garden, in its facilities, of course, also want to choose their identity and symmetrical positioning products. Ding Yuan as China's high-end LED full-color display the overall scheme of the system provider, perfect to undertake the the creative LED display system solutions.

by the Ding Yuan Construction of creative LED screen installed in the front of the royal garden sales center, the whole door statues of M type, product specifications by Yuan Ding patent star products - L16, a total area of 118 square metres. Yuan Ding full-color display product has passed EMC, CE, SGS, UL and other international certification, the ultra low power consumption is one of the highlights, per square meter of the largest power 650W truly more energy, more energy saving low carbon standard.