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LED lighting energy saving output value will increase by 30% the government will

From: Data:19/12/2016

2 17, the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of industry and information, Ministry of finance, Ministry of housing and the General Administration of Quality Supervision jointly issued the preparation of the "semiconductor lighting energy saving industry planning" (referred to as the "planning"). "Planning" clear, by 2015, 60W above common illume incandescent lamp all eliminated, the rate steady at around 70% of the energy-saving lamps and other traditional efficient lighting products market share, LED lighting products market possession rate of more than 20%. 30% energy-efficient LED lighting industry will enter a new round of growth, led at an average annual output growth, towards higher efficiency, lower cost, higher reliability and wider application direction. "Planning" clearly, the promotion of LED lighting energy saving industrial output value of an average annual growth of about 30%, in 2015 reached 450 billion yuan (including LED lighting products 180 billion yuan). China will further optimize the structure of the LED lighting energy saving industry, and built a number of distinctive features of the semiconductor lighting industry cluster area. 10-15 to form a core technology to master the core technology, with more independent intellectual property rights and well-known brands, quality and competitive leading enterprises. In addition, LED LCD backlight, landscape lighting market share of 70% and more than 80%. Compared with the traditional lighting products, LED road lighting energy saving 30%, indoor lighting electricity saving more than 60%, more than 50% of the energy saving application of backlight, landscape lighting, saving more than 80%, annual savings of electricity 600 million kilowatts, equivalent to 21 million tons of standard coal saving, reduce carbon dioxide emissions of nearly 60 million tons. The scope of such subsidies to expand in addition to state clearly the objectives and tasks of development of LED, the planning of the most dazzling is will be the implementation of a series of industrial policies to encourage. Such as the establishment of LED lighting products, energy efficiency & ldquo; leader & rdquo; system to encourage product energy efficiency continue to improve; LED lighting product demonstration and application as a kind of energy-saving assessment is an important content; promote the implementation of a number of government office buildings, hospitals, hotels, roads and other public lighting engineering application. & ldquo; from planning requirements for the implementation of energy-saving products in government procurement policy, government agencies and public institutions to take the lead in the use of LED lighting products, the government of the LED industry subsidies has begun to tilt from upstream to downstream, from some kind of meaning shows the determination of the countries on the promotion of LED products, which will contribute to the revitalization of the whole industry chain. ” an industry insider who asked not to be named, told reporters that. China Lighting Electric Appliance Association vice chairman and Secretary General Chen Yansheng told the "China Energy News" reporter the interview said, China's LED lighting energy-saving industry formed more complete industry chain and a certain scale of the industry, have a good foundation for the development, the need of government led industry guide the orderly. “ however, the most critical is the development of the LED industry in the government should intervene less, to make the market allocation of resources, so that the LED industry can be healthy and rapid development. ” Chen Yansheng said. With the view of KingSun and deputy general manager Zhu Bingzhong. Zhu Bingzhong think: “ without the support of the market will not develop in the long run, can not rely on the market to rely on the market. ” a lot of problems to be solved, "planning" shows that LED chip technology from scratch, 2010 LED chip localization rate reached 60%. China has become a global manufacturing base of LED functional lighting and landscape lighting products, Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Fujian, Jiangxi and three regional concentration of more than 80% of LED lighting companies and output value. Although China has become one of the world's fastest LED lighting industry in the world, but China's LED lighting industry is also facing severe challenges. Previously, in a situation in the LED lighting industry development trend of the forum, Chen Yansheng respect, our energy-saving LED lighting industry facing severe challenges: the first is generally small-scale enterprises, industry concentration degree is low, the blind investment and low-level redundant construction phenomenon is more serious; secondly is the core patent yet to break through, R & D investment needs to be strengthened, MOCVD and other key equipment is still dependent on imports; again, standards, testing and certification system construction still needs to be strengthened, the service supporting system still need to improve. “ patent issues are difficult to solve in a short time, the great leap forward in the state of chaos last year will be changed. ” these people in the industry said that with the fierce market competition, corporate mergers and acquisitions, the size of the small business will be changed. He suggested that as soon as possible to study the establishment of LED lighting industry access threshold, to avoid blind expansion and low-level redundant construction.