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Stability and persistence of power supply for solar photovoltaic LED lighting

From: Data:19/12/2016

solar photovoltaic LED lighting power supply stability and persistence of

Peng Weiqian Shenzhen Ming Electric Co., Ltd.

Objective: along with the people of lighting energy saving and environmental protection concept widely accepted and valued, as the quality of renewable clean can source of photovoltaic solar power and LED lighting technology has been paid more and more attention and application. Combining solar photovoltaic technology and energy-saving LED lighting technology and development of the power supply is stable solar photovoltaic LED lighting system has become a hot topic at present, for how to solve the problem of solar photovoltaic LED lighting power supply stability and persistence is to solve the solar energy photovoltaic LED lighting to practical and popular with the root of the problem.

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1.1 with low power consumption, long service life, strong applicability, high stability of the new generation of energy saving, environmental protection, green lighting technology;

1.2 for individual characteristics so, the solar photovoltaic LED lighting construction, installation, maintenance is simple and convenient;

1.3 for solar photovoltaic LED lighting without access to the grid power supply system, can save the maximum of municipal construction and brought up by people The construction and material cost of.

the traditional electric power supply lighting incomparable advantages based on solar photovoltaic LED lighting is most suitable for the remote countryside and the importance of road lighting, lawn lamp, garden district property saving benefits of garden lighting.

photovoltaic solar LED lighting system although has an accumulator and a control system, but still eventually explain grounds of sunlight to provide power. And the sun and the weather is unstable and is not controllable, especially the rainy weather is changeable, there are many days of continuous rainy weather. The weather is changing all the time, bring two stability and durability problems for solar photovoltaic power generation and power supply. To solve this problem, in order to ensure consecutive days of rainy weather conditions, the battery can still provide adequate power supply to the LED light source, evening normal lighting, only in this way, can eventually make solar photovoltaic LED lighting to practicality and popularization.

as to the problem of how to prolong the service life of the battery, a mature overcharge and overdischarge protection circuit technology, and will not go.

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infinite capacity to increase the capacity and size of the battery, this method is not only awkward and practical. The best way is to “ no one ” through the lighting area of free lighting power savings, stay for “ it was ” after the use of lighting area.

and Sheng Ming Electrical Mr. radar static induction LED intelligent dimming controller /is effectively solved the problem. The intelligent dimming controller is based on the above issues and specially developed.

10% (people leave) -> cycle.

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static power-saving mode 10% light dynamic normal lighting mode 100% bright

10% (unmanned) am; 100% (a) am; 10% (left).>

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in theory, a 24V/5AH lead acid storage battery. This can only be for 10W LED point approximately 12 hours, also is only can use a night. If the built-in radar detection and luminance sensor of Mr. intelligent dimming controller, the body at least can save more than 80%, the 4V/5AH lead-acid storage battery can be used continuously for 96 hours, excluding