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Shenzhen city to promote the application of LED lighting products exchange will

From: Data:19/12/2016

Author: Zhu Yijie

recently, the Shenzhen city to promote the application of LED lighting products work training seminar held in the Civic Center, alliance analysts invited to participate in the meeting. At the meeting, the provincial science and Technology Department, Zhang Donglei, director of the province's LED lighting applications and the development of the next year's development plan. Zhang Donglei said that the city has set up a working group to explore the practice of the local working platform and business model, but there is still a problem of uneven development around the city. Pearl River Delta development faster than other areas, to complete the work plan before next December next year.

director Zhang believes that the development of Shenzhen originally is relatively slow, now began to stride forward, although there is still the street as the main push of the project, but next year indoor lighting to synchronous development. Shenzhen street lights have 280 thousand, the room is added up to 900 thousand, the end of next year to complete the task also need to do a lot of work.

City Science and technology innovation appoint the personage says 2 years in the public domain will use all LED lighting products, non regional public demonstration projects to promote, these projects will open tender to the energy service companies, with bidding qualification of energy service companies must make the record in the relevant departments of the state or province (city), and has the ability to guarantee the smooth implementation of the project and operation. In addition, the person put forward to build the city street light intelligent management platform, through the intelligent management platform to achieve intelligent control and effective management of road lighting.

Administration Bureau said the city has 12 projects, municipal authorities have 2, completed 30 million, finance can not meet. Therefore, it is necessary to take EMC.

the current district government units are most concerned about is how lighting metering with power and ensure that the transformation of energy, if the overall transformation, lighting, air conditioning, gas, etc. are included into sub metering, of course, can be measured very accurately, but the cost will be relatively high; if do lighting transformation alone, because lines are not separated, government units of energy saving confirmation still have their doubts. Therefore, next year's government bidding will shift from the previous emphasis on the subject of funds to pay attention to solutions, focusing on energy efficiency, the contract period and share the ratio of these 3 indicators.

analyst introduces alliance Huaqiang energy some experience and ways of cooperation in the reconstruction of the indoor lighting. Annually with the street lamp lighting engineering EMC corporation can gain access to millions of saving different, participate in the annual general indoor lighting renovation project of EMC corporation only tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of income, the lower the rate of return on investment and the presence of risk decision willing to participate in the transformation of indoor lighting EMC company at this stage is still not too much, and the government has good relations and financial strength of large enterprises to enter the willingness to some of the more intense.

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