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How do you really anti glare lamp ZAO? How to prevent glare

From: Data:20/02/2016

  for many manufacturers, it can be summed up as Luo Dayou’s Lyrics: that is what I can not understand. Professional manufacturers with “ intuitive ” (tube + lamp) to do the lights, I think it is drunk... Today, we look at the glare from the point of view of these wonderful. Need to be declared, this is absolutely not the most wonderful.
light glare, many designers don’t know how to avoid, and how to choice really anti dazzle lamp.
we first take a look at, under what circumstances, the human eye can feel a & ldquo; glare & rdquo;?
: normal human attention line of sight range is horizontally at the top of the 30° to the bottom of the 60° and in the scope in the glare of light, is glare.
: as long as sent by the lamp light in total control of the & gt; 30° light interception angle, you can say this lamp is the anti glare.
, of course, if you want to run below the light, looked up in front of the lights inside. That & hellip; & hellip; deserve the glare of the
has said: & ldquo; deep light anti dazzle & rdquo; in fact, the deep addresses only the light source directly out of the glare of light.
cut off the light of a direct light this is very simple, learn a simple geometry of all know. This is like the right side of the picture above, that is, only by deep, and there is no reflector of the inside of the chestnut ~ (I hide my possession of Tibet, I hid, Yu Shiguang will be hidden... Of course, the narrow beam spotlights lamp cup, this is not good, but also can still).
 , in fact, poor reflector shape and arc, will cause the two reflection light into the field of vision. Above the right side of this kind of reflector edge almost vertical and down, the basic is in line with the strong reflection of the glare of the chestnut ~ (you must have met the requirements of the light is the bright lights of the customer! With this they pour is also a great ~ ~)
and will have some a little pursuit, and fairly bright, an anti glare circle to block the secondary reflector. Such as the above right this, in fact, is that reflectors do the best, but passive anti glare of chestnut ~ (at least tried. Salute their efforts!
: good reflector real, itself is anti dazzle. Once, two times of light, in the cut-off range, does not need the antiglare ring.
; but some people say: frosted reflector is anti dazzle!
I said: that is the glare source & hellip; & hellip;
: matte reflector and in fact is the light scattered. In some direction of reflected light is relatively reduced, but it will lead to the second reflection light poured into the field of vision.
and say & ldquo; matte /milky white out surface can prevent dazzle & rdquo; and similarly ~~
: Opal /frosted panel, light interception angle is small, light a lot into view.
is now popular in the light of the panel, in fact, is the way to go in such a direction.
still wonderful practice, for example in the intermediate matte a circle & hellip; & hellip; really naive
of course, said above is the wide beam angle of downlight, need to use 30° cut-off angle of concept.
but if it is refracted beam angle of the lamp, reflector is formed narrow angle beam, as & ldquo; the main spot & rdquo; said. The light emitted by the light source directly forms “ the secondary spot is ”.
does not want to associate the spot is too big to add an anti glare ring block what.
finally lift the chestnut of the three spots:
  & nbsp; & nbsp;
1, main and auxiliary light spot are very clear:
2, main and auxiliary spot good transition of:
3, completely without side spot:
and, of course, to want to do it by the reflector no auxiliary light spot is not very feasible are generally used lens:
& nbsp;
now, the problem to the: lens technology which strong? Optical design which is strong?
read, it was said: put aside the brightness contrast to say that the glare is a rogue!
said: I left the bag that is really fool application. Typical application scenarios downlight, you look, which have very high brightness?
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