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Toshiba launched the transmission of single side light-emitting OLED panel

From: Data:08/02/2016

  recently, Toshiba has displayed a OLED panel technology called the transmission side panel, this new lighting system allows a OLED panel at the same time to maintain transparency in the light.
transparent OLED panel is not new, Samsung in January of this year’s CES exhibition has been on display their products, and the OLED panel also has been published. However, these two functions in the OLED panel is still not peaceful coexistence.
  in the traditional OLED light-emitting panel, only after the closure of the light-emitting panel can become transparent. After the power is switched on, the light will be emitted from both sides of the panel. In this way, the panel’s energy consumption will increase, the degree of control will also be reduced.
but Toshiba uses a non transparent electrode. In fact, an opaque metal electrode and a gap on the panel form a fine band, which allows the &ldquo to pass through the &rdquo. It is not completely transparent, Toshiba said, the product of the light transmittance of 68%. This panel can be transparent, and the other side is dark. So even if the OLED panel is lit, the line of sight can still penetrate.
it is reported that this thickness only 1.4mm OLED display is expected to will be used in the field of advertising, or used to illuminate the working area of the goggles. The aquarium is a potential use area of the panel, 450-800 lumens brightness, power consumption is 0.7-1.6W.
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