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The United States and the United States in 2012 for the lighting of new homes in

From: Data:17/02/2016

& nbsp; with upgrading of the quality of life of modern people, to create a Jiezhuang design and the overall atmosphere of the proposed requirements more, demand for lamps gradually from a focus on price and functional, the pursuit to the characteristic and style, energy, health, environmental protection, the direction of change. Conforming to this trend of consumption, beautiful lighting domestic marketing department and home lighting project through the joint efforts of three months, in 2012 of the spring season, comprehensive launched a style 20 balance of various types of household products.
this batch of new products to environmental protection and energy saving features, innovation of the LED dimming technology, not only in color temperature regulation is rich in the change; in the exterior design fully from the main style of home decoration, to create products of the three wind: color rich, luxurious and elegant urban fashion style, fresh and elegant pastoral nature of wind and Jianya generous modern and simple style.
urban fashion wind
fashion appearance and function diversification the perfect mix, the interpretation of the modern city of noble and elegant.
autumn series provide the from the living room to the dining room, bedroom, study a set of home fashion + lighting , the use of LED lighting source, the effective integration of energy-saving and fashion design; Hyun blue series combination type lamps and lanterns play to perfection, consumers can according to the size of the room, arbitrary permutation group, two or three groups of Hyun blue lamps and lanterns. Halo, the charm of the breakthrough in light of a single light source form, humanized design achieved led electrodeless dimming, for the user to create a different color, different color temperature of diversified situation.
natural pastoral wind
  source of
in natural design concept, fresh beautiful pastoral light perception, create a warm light, clean and comfortable and healthy home space.
jingcan series of low-pressure crystal lamp, using high quality crystal material, a variety of light sources create rich contextual lighting mode, highlight the comfortable, atmosphere of natural household atmosphere; flower series branch type lamp, multiple combinations of 3, 5, 7 head fully foot a different area of the living room, restaurant, the organic combination of natural wood and metal, transfer natural health pastoral atmosphere.
modern minimalist style
  model is simple and smooth, fresh and bright colors, everywhere to highlight the three-dimensional aesthetic sense of simplicity.
bright series, green series, fashionable and lively, modelling concise generous, and the product price is very high; fragrance, clove, the Pope, ceiling lamps complements the camp of styles 40-60W bedroom light on. This group of simple style, price high modern wind new, I believe will be the home lighting market leveraging important shot!
this batch of new products to market, not only enrich the existing home lighting products category of style, realized from single simple, elegant style, to the diversified, personalized lighting development by leaps and bounds, but also for the beautiful lighting domestic sales in the professional lighting market development has injected fresh vitality, is of great significance to improve the power for the operation of channels and terminal products. I believe this will be a comprehensive listing of new Home Furnishing; status in the industry downturn, a strong support for a move the market.
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