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LED lighting to be ahead of others only to break the technical bottleneck

From: Data:16/02/2016

Domestic LED market prospects optimistic, lead to domestic and foreign led enterprise mergers and integration progress of downstream industry chain to accelerate, attract many investors have entered the industry, industry investment climax appears again, domestic all kinds of lighting products throughout the market.
compared to last year led the state of the market, this year led investment hot show version of the cooling state, a lot of lighting giant no longer profile face of the LED industry, but the publicity of reversed to the direction of energy-saving lamps, but the emphasis is put on the LED, after all, by the national policy to guide the development, energy-saving LED light source are the main lighting development future.
cause LED market confusion another reason is blind Zhuifeng investors, on the other a more important reason is the maturity of the technology market enough. In a domestic LED lighting products for sampling inspection, domestic LED light-emitting efficiency difference, the color is relatively low. And the source of the chip is mainly rely on imports, so the cost of the product becomes bigger. Compared to the same brightness of the LED, the price is relatively high, which makes the energy saving and so on compared to weaken the LED to attract consumers.
terminal oriented lack of core competitiveness, the price is high, and filled with defective lighting market, in the face of the competition of foreign enterprises, many of the native market advantage becomes tasteless. However, in a new starting point for the lighting business, only to break the technical bottlenecks in. To find out more, this is a trend in the development of LED industry, only the independent innovation research and development of core technologies to in the lighting market ahead of the others step.
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