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High voltage LED can bring a substantial reduction in the cost of lighting

From: Data:15/02/2016

HV high voltage chip as an important direction for the development of LED lighting in the future, so far only a small number of chip manufacturers to batch supply.
the upstream industry does appear to be a bit of excess, in this case why do we have to expand, our capacity to release channels where, in fact, we have been in accordance with our original plan in the unfolding, and is not affected by impact of the industry as a whole is too large. In the future, we will basically in three areas of spread, one is our main products of large power chip, including HV chip, now the market also reflected very well; the second, indoor lighting market was officially launched, we will have great potential for penetration; third, in the display screen in the field, we have done a good job.
in fact, we have a number of high voltage chip, on the one hand is to compete with the traditional lighting. As long as it is competition, then ultimately inseparable from the cost of the problem, in the aspects of cost reduction we have several large: first, the part of the package is as simple as possible, and even get rid of, at present industry division is in the middle and lower reaches, when the time comes, only the upstream and downstream, which is a direction of HV, we can even go further, directly to the fluorescent powder is sprayed to the chip, when the time comes lamp factory as long as the chip into it on a plate. On the other hand, LED lights and traditional lamp than the price is high, but the LED lamp, which accounted for the largest part of the cost of other metal material and heat sink material, thus leading to cost is very high, with the traditional lamp price comparison will be at a disadvantage. We want to whether can the lamps and lanterns made something of a standard type, directly on the inside of the light source to replace, the lamp will never bad, unless you which one day look like this don’t like change, or is a light source and light fixtures to compete, so we can as soon as possible to enter the field of lighting.
in fact technology without any problems, just consumers to compare to, because if the high voltage chip, test equipment for the packaging manufacturers need to be replaced, original common chip test as long as the measured 3.9v, while the use of high voltage chip needs to be done in 59V, 70V or higher pressure, although the test machine upgrade cost is not high, a probably at around 1 million yuan, but some manufacturers less willing to to do this. But some of the relatively large packaging plant and factory, lighting factory is very interested in, the input can be accepted, because it can play its advantages.
as chip plant has two stages, before chip plant display backlight time is basically the role of electronic accessories, it would need to try to lower the cost and performance better, this is the direction of each plant. Now into the lighting, we have to consider the issue is to jump out of this range. From the point of view, it is hoped that this lamp is simple, the better, which is why we introduced the HV chip. We want to save unnecessary things, such as lighting is very simple, the inside of a tungsten wire, so its cost is very low. We have to consider how to bring value to the industry chain, so whether it is packaging plant, lighting plant, chip factory may have to consider the value of the industry chain, the cost down to a minimum.
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