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LED street lamp biggest advantage is not energy-efficient but control function

From: Data:07/02/2016

  3 11, “ the seventh China Road lighting forum ” in Chongqing International Convention and Exhibition center. At the meeting, LED road lighting products applications and trends are still the focus of attention.

after decades of development, LED has from the original red and yellow light, development to now of high brightness white light, light efficiency of laboratory records has more than 160lm/W, level of industrialization also has more than 100lm/W. high power white light LED lighting products in the field of general lighting applications continue to be a new breakthrough, so that the LED can be used in city street lighting. Compared to the traditional street lights, street light LED because of its energy saving, environmental protection, and other advantages, more in 2009 to become “ Ten City million ” pilot projects to promote the object. But as a new industry, life and light problem LED high-power lighting products has become the focus of debate in the industry.

for this problem, Shenzhen city lights environmental management center, director of the Department of technology, Wu Chunhai, brought to the Shenzhen City, 63 LED street lights, 27 enterprises of the statistics. From 2009 March 18 to 2011 March 5, in the normal daily light switch, light quantity total 17 lamp, accounted for the participation of the evaluation of lamp total 27.0%, enterprises involved in 11, accounted for the participation of the director of evaluation of enterprises of 40.7%. Wu Chunhai summary and evaluation of the life of LED street lamp should be to field testing and evaluation of LED road light attenuation should be tested in the laboratory; at the same time, the overall stability of the LED street lamp compared to traditional street there is a gap between the, the LED street lamp, good business is more difficult to find, LED street lamp is very poor, good is also quite good. Hai Cong Zhang, chairman of the Shanghai Institute of

lighting is certainly the led the development trend, points out that now has a very high lumen LED lighting products, and after these years of practice, LED lighting products has never matured to gradually mature, but led road lighting products is still not very mature.

in LED road lighting products advantage analysis, Fudan University Department of light source and lighting engineering professor Lin for said that compared to the LED lamp, high pressure sodium lamp, maximum function is not energy-saving, but in the control function has greater advantage. Street lamp intelligent is the biggest advantage in the future, the biggest energy saving is easy to control. But from the trend to the large-scale application, to consider the cost, reliability and other issues, these problems are solved, the future is more broad.

along with the development of LED industry, LED street lamp industry will move toward specialization road, OSRAM products market, senior director of Liu Jianping, presents, the production of LED lamps and lanterns to modular, modular need standardization. Not modular development, not common development.

LED technology is more and more mature, intelligent, standardized degree is more and more high, more and more applications. LED street lamp is widely used because of its obvious energy saving effect, but it is not used in practice because of poor lighting quality. Wu Chunhai, director of the call Road, lighting quality and energy saving effect is LED street lights off the wings, are indispensable, must strike a balance between the two. LED street light only better lighting effect can be achieved, to promote the scale of application.