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49 yuan LED smart light bulbs evaluation

From: Data:22/02/2016

Zhongguancun online news, but also remembered last week mentioned 49 yuan ultra low price to enter the intelligent life MIPOW intelligent LED light bubble? Today, we will evaluate this light bulbs. Intelligent MIPOW LED

the bulb is MIPOW has just launched a new product, on July 8, Taobao online all the chips, 49 yuan price, unique shape design and rich function, makes all the chips opened soon, nearly 5000 lighting have been swept away. Although it looks like ordinary energy-saving lamps and there is no difference, but both functional and practical are quite good.

"simple environmental protection packaging

MIPOW LED intelligent lighting package for soybean ink printing, light yellow right transfer the feeling of environmental protection, the middle part is the blue logo, very conspicuous.

different from ordinary light bulbs, MIPOW smart LED bulb to break through the spherical design, the top flat smooth, while the use of high light shade, the overall more light and heat. The lamp holder part adopts screw design, can be installed directly in the E26/E27 standard lamp holder. MIPOW smart LED light bulb operating voltage environment is 100-240V/50-60HZ, the power of the internal LED lamp is 5W, completely can replace most small watt light bulb for use. All around in addition to the product with LOGO, but also with a series of security certification information.

if only the ordinary energy-saving lighting used as MIPOW intelligent LED lighting, that is really have bit of overkill, the built-in Bluetooth 4.0 is directly with the mobile device are connected through the free app to achieve the light color, bright and regulating the function of.

and according to the official statistics, MIPOW intelligent LED lighting by British manufacturers import CSR Bluetooth chip, combined with low power Bluetooth technology and energy-saving design, relatively ordinary 40W incandescent light, more safety and energy saving, the service life up to 20000 hours. It’s a light bulb that makes money.

"in the hands of intelligent lights

us to the iPhone, for example, the user can directly in the app store search x PLAYBULB downloaded and installed, open the Bluetooth to app interface connected with the bulb, can realize the intelligent control. (need to pay attention to is, this lighting currently only supports Apple products iphone4s and above, Android Bluetooth version 4.0 and system version 4.3 and more mobile device)

you can wirelessly controlled lighting on /off, so as to get rid of the traditional switch bound. And the brightness of the sliding interface, you can effectively adjust the brightness of light bulbs, the need for the use of mobile phone users in the night is very convenient. In addition, the light bulb has 16 million colors, through the APP screen in the image of the inventory selection, you can get the color you want. At the same time, the smart light bulbs have four equivalent modes: flicker, pulse, rainbow and rainbow. When you are alone, you can choose the pulse, the feeling of calm light subtle changes. At the party, choose the rainbow or blink mode, the atmosphere to a climax. MIPOW feature model is one of the highlights of this product, the individual is very fond of.

when the "shaking" function is turned on, the color of the light can be switched randomly by shaking the phone, and you can also group 5 light bulbs to change the color, brightness and mode of the lamp. If you are particularly fond of singing at home while singing K dancing, then open these features are not on the DJ feeling?

in the end we have to mention is the MIPOW smart light bulbs in the timing of the function and. Enter the "timer" interface, through the wake up alarm clock and sleep alarm clock, the user can in a specific time to light intensity, color settings, so as to remind the role of. Perhaps we can also say goodbye to the rapid alarm clock, so that MIPOW smart light bulbs to wake up every morning. In addition, the system also set aside a few custom reminder options, in order to facilitate the use of the user’s expansion.

today brings this MIPOW intelligent LED lighting, through with the mobile device is connected, instantly become an operation of smart home products, a sense of your emotions partners. RGB color wheel thousands kinds of color change makes this product more operable, characteristic mode that can play more, and low energy Bluetooth v4.0 can achieve the smoothness of the real-time data transmission, truly achieve arbitrary, free control.

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