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Visual Marketing with BAKO, Your Trusted Advertising LED Display Supplier


At BAKO, we take pride in being your go-to Advertising LED Display supplier, offering cutting-edge solutions to help you amplify your brand presence and captivate audiences. Our SPACESHIP SERIES 2.0 sets a new standard in visual marketing, delivering strong, durable displays that thrive in any environment, from low to high temperatures and high UV conditions.


Unmatched Durability for Reliable Performance

We are committed to providing you with Advertising Led Display that are not just strong, but stronger and the strongest in the market. Our SPACESHIP SERIES 2.0 features module frames that can withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring perfect operation even in extreme environments. With both front and rear service options available and an IP68 protection grade, our displays offer unparalleled durability and performance.


The SPACESHIP SERIES 2.0 sets itself apart by incorporating advanced features that prioritize resilience and reliability. With the flexibility to choose between front and rear service options, our displays ensure convenience and accessibility for maintenance tasks. Moreover, boasting an IP68 protection grade, our Advertising Led Display provide unrivaled durability and performance, making them ideal for withstanding the rigors of diverse operating environments.

Waterproof Design and Seamless Operation

At BAKO, we prioritize functionality and reliability. That’s why our Advertising LED Display supplier solutions undergo rigorous waterproof tests to guarantee optimal performance. Our fully sealed power and data cables ensure seamless connectivity and operation, giving you peace of mind knowing that your display will function flawlessly even when immersed in water.


Our commitment to quality is further demonstrated through the use of fully sealed power and data cables in our LED displays. These cables are meticulously designed to provide seamless connectivity and operation, enhancing the overall reliability of the display system. With our fully sealed cables, you can have peace of mind knowing that your LED display will operate flawlessly, even when exposed to water or other harsh conditions.


Recommended Cabinet Sizes for Versatile Applications

We understand that every advertising project is unique, which is why our recommended cabinet sizes cater to a range of applications. From 960*960mm to 1280*960mm, 900*900mm to 1200*900mm, our versatile cabinet options offer flexibility to meet your specific display requirements. Whether you’re creating outdoor billboards, indoor signage, or event displays, BAKO has the perfect solution for your advertising needs.



As your trusted Advertising LED Display supplier, BAKO is dedicated to providing you with top-of-the-line solutions that elevate your marketing efforts and drive meaningful engagement. With our SPACESHIP SERIES 2.0 displays, you can be confident in the durability, performance, and visual impact of your advertising campaigns. Partner with BAKO for strong, reliable LED displays that stand the test of time and make your brand shine brightly in any setting.

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