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Fine pitch led display - Flying Drone 2.0 Series

Experience breathtaking visuals with BAKO’s Fine pitch led display – Flying Drone 2.0 Series. Our innovative fine pixel pitch led has ultra-high definition (UHD) resolution, an ultra-thin and lightweight design, and super-wide viewing angles. If you are in need of LED displays that offer exceptional visual clarity, then Flying Drone 2.0 is your perfect fit.

Advantages of Micro LED Pixel Pitch

The Flying Drone 2.0 Series features a fine pixel pitch, delivering super detailed images with minimal pixelation, even at close viewing distances.

Ultra-thin & Super Light

Flying Drone 2.0 Series redefines small pixel pitch led screen design with its minimalist and asymmetric aesthetic. Each cabinet weighs just 6kg and measures 600mm x 337.5mm, so this fine pitch led display is incredibly easy to handle and transport.

No-module frame design


The no-module frame design and hidden cable management system of this high-resolution led display simplify installation and create a seamless, unified appearance.

Convenience and Control:

The Flying Drone 2.0 Series offers 100% front service and installation. This means you can easily access all modules, HUB boards, cards, and power supplies from the front, eliminating the need for rear access and making the maintenance much easier.

Super wide viewing angle

Additionally, the super wide viewing angle can make sure everyone in the audience enjoys a clear and vivid viewing experience, regardless of their position. This is one of the main features of small pitch led displays offers an amazing visuals no matter of the distance and the position.

High Gray Scale with Low Luminance

Beyond its stunning visuals, this high-resolution LED display has super performance. You can view even the subtlest details with precise color reproduction and exceptional contrast.

Seamless Splicing

Create expansive LED walls with virtually invisible joins, ideal for video conferencing and monitoring applications.

Product parameters

Pixel pitchP0.937P1.25P1.56P1.87P2.5
LampIMD 4 in 1SMD1010SMD1212SMD1415SMD2020
Pixel Density(m²)11137778640000409600284444160000
ServiceFront service
Brightness (nits)500-800
Module size(mm)300*168.75150*337.5
Cabinet materialdie-casting aluminum
Cabinet size(mm)600×337.5
Cabinet weight(kg)6
Refresh frequency(Hz)≥3840
Ave power consump150W/㎡
Max power consump450W/㎡
View angle(H/V)160°/140°

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