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Transform your stadium into a dynamic sports arena with BAKO’s innovative stadium LED screens. Our high-quality stadium LED screens and perimeter LED displays deliver stunning visuals, and high- engagement, which can increase your revenue streams to the next level.

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Perimeter LED Displays’ Features

BAKO's perimeter led displays are designed to attract the audience. High-resolution visuals extend the playing field, displaying real-time action, replays, and engaging content with crystal clarity. Perimeter led boards become dynamic advertising platforms, offering profitable opportunities for sponsors and brands who want to connect with fans right at the point of action.


Easy Installation and Maintenance:

The modular design of our large LED video screen rental for stadiums and arenas offers quick and efficient installation and maintenance.

High Gray Level, High Refresh Rate, Wide Viewing Angle: BAKO’s sport-led screen delivers crisp, smooth visuals from any angle with super color depth and dynamic visuals.

High Brightness with Vivid Performance: Even under the brightest sunlight, BAKO displays can provide high clarity and amazing visuals.

Real-Time Live Broadcasting and Cut-in Ads:

Integrate live action, replays, and targeted advertising effortlessly, creating dynamic viewing experience for the audiences with our led stadium advertising boards.

Harsh Weatherproof:

Weatherproof module frames are built to endure extreme temperatures, high UV exposure, and harsh weather conditions, this is another important feature for stadium perimeter LED displays as they have to perform outdoors under any weather conditions.

Increase Revenue Streams:

Being a high-performing stadium-led screen, they can open doors to new revenue streams. Generate lucrative advertising partnerships, and broadcast sponsorship messages, and increase your monetization opportunities.


Why choose BAKO for LED Display Sports Solutions

With years of experience and successful cases around the world, BAKO is a preferred partner for businesses who are looking for football stadium led displays and stadium led screens globally. We offer comprehensive solutions, from consultation and design to installation and after-sales support, to provide our customers with the highest satisfaction.

Contact BAKO today and let us help you create a winning game plan for your stadium advertising boards.




Can I customize my LED stadium advertising boards?

Absolutely. We provide customization for sizes and any other requirements you have. No matter if you need large LED video screen rental for stadiums and arenas or football stadium LED displays we have you covered. Simply leave a message and we’re always here to help.


What is the difference between a Jumbotron and perimeter led display?

Jumbotrons are classic large screens typically mounted high above the field or arena for basic info, while perimeter LED screens are modern, flexible panels around the stadium for different content and have high resolution.


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