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BAKO is a leading LED display manufacturer & supplier, offering various LED screen solutions for indoor and outdoor applications. BAKO’s led display solutions can cover all your needs, from digital signage screens and led video walls for conference rooms and retail spaces to events and stages. BAKO has become the preferred LED screen supplier in over 100 countries through award-winning technology, strict testing, and expert teams.

DIAMOND SERIES V4.0 for stage Flying Drone V2.0 Series SPACESHIP SERIES V2.0

Supports flash function.

Supports 90° seamless connection to realize perfect visual effects.

Supports front and rear maintenance for convenient operation.

Features a current-sharing function.

UHD small pitch LED Display

UHD small pitch LED Display.

Designed for full front installation and maintenance.

Ultra-light and ultra-thin with a fashionable and simple appearance.

High brightness and contrast with good color saturation.

Equipped with power and data backup functions to prevent black screens.

Widely used in studio centers, video conferences, traffic command centers, data visualization, and theaters.

Innovative product for Out-Of-Home (OOH) applications.

Die-casting module frame design enables the screen to operate at high temperatures.

Suitable for outdoor advertising LED displays and perimeter sports stadium LED screens.

Offers both front and rear service options.

Built to withstand harsh environments; waterproof, high-temperature resistant, and salt spray resistant.

Ideal for outdoor billboards, naked-eye 3D displays, etc.

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Established in 2008, Shenzhen BAKO Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech LED display manufacturer focused on three core areas: HD displays, high-end rental led screen solutions, and creative commercial displays. Our product lineup boasts led small pitch panels, outdoor LED advertising screens, and innovative conference all-in-one displays, all manufactured with cutting-edge advanced technology.

In 2020, being one of the largest LED panel manufacturers in China, we expanded our operations with a new production facility that covers 19,000 square meters in Suzhou, equipped with high-end automated equipment further improving our LED display factory’s efficiency and product quality. Our products have passed numerous certifications, including ISO9001:2015, CCC, CE, UL, FCC, and ETL, demonstrating our commitment to international standards. BAKO has been supplying LED screens in China and beyond, reaching out to 100 countries and regions globally.

We will persist in shaping industrial characteristics, innovating business models, and exerting efforts to emerge as the leader in visual-integrated LED screen solutions for the new era.


BAKO is at the vanguard of innovation through a blend of our pure expertise in LED display advanced technology, expert teams, and strong customer support. We are one of the few LED panel manufacturers in China with strict quality control, certified manufacturing processes, and the latest technology in the industry. This has given us global trust from our customers, which often makes them our long-term partners.


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