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Diamond Series V4.0 Curved LED Screens

Change your events and spaces with the next generation of visual display technology. BAKO’s Diamond Series V4.0 curved LED displays deliver amazing visuals, super flexibility, and an easy installation experience. making our HD LED displays the perfect choice for rental applications in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Ultra-Thin & Lightweight

Our ultra-thin LED screens with 500*500*53mm cabinets weigh just 6.8kg, and 500*1000*53mm cabinets are only 12kg, you can set up and transport our HD LED displays effortlessly.

Curved LED displays with 90° connection

Curved installation is available

The Diamond Series V4.0 breaks free from the limitations of traditional flat screens. Its ultra-thin, lightweight design and 90° connection capability allow you to create immersive curved LED video walls with outward curves of 0° to 5° or inward curves of 0° to 20°.

Outward curve(0°~5°)

Inward curve(0°~20°)

Different Sizes Cabinets can be Matched

The 500*500mm and 500*1000mm cabinet sizes can be seamlessly mixed and matched to create custom screen configurations for any space.

Flexible Locating Pins

The flexible locating pins of these curved LED panels make maintenance a breeze, individual cabinets can be easily removed without disrupting the entire display. This modular design and flexible connections make our rental outdoor led screen & rental indoor LED screens assemble and disassemble rapidly for temporary events.

Product parameters

Pixel pitch1.952.62.973.91P2.97P3.91P4.81
Pixel Density (dots/㎡ )26214414745611289665536128966553643264
Cabinet material die-casting aluminum
Maintenancerear (module front service is available)
Module size (mm)250*250
Cabinet size (mm)500*500 / 500*1000
Cabinet weight (nits)6.8kg / 13kg7.1kg / 13.5kg
Brightness (nits)   800~12004500~5500
Refresh rate (Hz)>3840≥3840
View angleH:160º  V:140ºH:160º  V:140º
Power consumption (max,W/㎡)680
Ave Power consumption (W/㎡)200240
The parameters are for reference only. Please refer to the actual products.

Energy-saving Design

Diamond Series V4.0 is not just ultra-thin LED screens, they’re also energy-saving LED displays. Besides offering high-performance and easy installation, BAKO’s thin LED screens are built with energy-efficient LED technology that can save you power costs and help lessen your carbon footprint.

Flexible Led Video Wall That Fits Any Event

Whether you’re hosting a product launch, a live concert, a sporting event, or a trade show, the Diamond Series V4.0 HD Led Display is sure to make a lasting impression. This flexible thin LED screen’s amazing visuals, versatile configurations, and ease of use make them the ideal choice for both rental outdoor LED screen or rental indoor LED screen applications.


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Before buying an outdoor LED display, you should consider factors such as viewing distance, brightness, resolution, maintenance, weatherproofing, energy efficiency, and warranty. With outstanding features, our Diamond Series V4.0 is an ideal outdoor LED screen for any application.

The number after P is the indicates the distance between two pixels in mm, so the distance between them is 3mm and 4mm. The smaller the spacing, the higher the pixels, and the better the picture clarity. For close viewing and detail clarity, P3 91 led display has a sharper picture, but for larger distances and budgets, P4.81 led display has better in brightness and are cost-effective.

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