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Commercial LED Displays

The market for commercial LED displays, including outdoor digital signage for business and commercial digital signage displays, has been growing rapidly. This demand is driven by industries such as advertising, hospitality, and exhibition halls. Our commercial led display screens are widely used by different customers from various industries, satisfying their needs.

Advantages of Commercial LED Screens

Wide-viewing Angle


Our commercial digital signage offers a wide viewing area, adopting a design that covers the maximum range of viewing angles without distortion or color deviation.

Durable in Harsh Conditions


Our commercial LED display panels are equipped with strong environmental adaptability features, being waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, lightning-resistant, anti-electromagnetic interference, and anti-ultraviolet rays. This ensures that BAKO’s LED displays, particularly the commercial LED display screen, operate smoothly even in harsh environments.

Realistic Graphics & Visuals


The high color reproduction of our commercial digital signage provides the realism of the image, enhancing the visual effect and the audience can get realistic graphics and visual effects.

Excellent Flatness


The excellent flatness of our commercial-led display panels prevents localized convexity or concavity, eliminating any dead angles in the visual field and thereby improving the display effect.

Application Scenarios of Commercial LED Displays

Commercial centers

Our commercial LED screens are ideal for restaurants, beauty stores, and retail shops. These digital signage for businesses are easily installed and effectively display promotions and brand stories, increasing customer engagement in commercial environments.

Exhibition Halls and Pavilions

In museums and cultural centers, our commercial LED display panels enrich the visitor experience with high-definition visuals that bring exhibits to life, offering an immersive and educational environment.

Architectural curtain wall

For city landmarks, commercial streets, and office buildings, our commercial digital signage integrates with architectural designs. These dynamic displays serve both informational and aesthetic purposes, improving building façades.


In busy transit hubs like railway and subway stations, our high-quality commercial LED screens provide essential real-time information and advertising, increasing the brand or business exposure effectively with its vibrant displays.

Wonderful cases

A notable example is located in Kuala Lumpur’s busiest commercial center, Malaysia, where the outdoor digital signage constructed by Shenzhen BAKO Optoelectronics stands as the largest outdoor advertising LED display in Malaysia. This display, measuring 21 meters high and 71 meters wide, covering nearly 1500 square meters, is a landmark and a must-see for tourists. It supports VR virtual reality technology, merging real and virtual scenes for an immersive visual experience, and becomes a luminous landscape in Kuala Lumpur’s nightscape. This next-generation, energy-saving solution achieves up to 40% energy savings compared to traditional outdoor LED displays, significantly reducing operating costs for our partners.

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