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Rental & Stage LED Screen

Rental LED displays, known for their light-emitting diodes (LEDs) shows vibrant information on-screen, are a mainstay in modern event production, that’s why they’re primarly used as led screen for events. And when it comes to purchasing stage LED screens, BAKO can be your premier choice.

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Why Choose BAKO's Rental & Stage LED Display?

High-quality & Amazing Visuals


BAKO specializes in LED screens for various purposes, including LED screens for stage rental and big LED screens for stages. Our rental LED displays utilize advanced light-emitting diodes technology, offering autonomous light to brilliantly display information. We understand that leasing, which means renting for the purpose of temporary use, requires flexibility and high-quality equipment.



Experienced in LED Stage Screen Rental


With rich experience in stage rental scenarios, BAKO creates high-quality background led screens made for different applications. Our LED stage screens for sale and LED screens for concert stages are perfect for various events.


Quick & Easy Installation


BAKO prioritizes ease of use. Our led wall for events boasts quick setup and disassembly, saving you time and resources. This lightweight design also makes them ideal for large-scale stage backdrops, offering cost-effective convenience.



Versatile Led Screens On Stage


Our led screens for events access to different video signals, so they can play videos, pictures, and other content in real-time. The high refresh rate and high gray scale of our stage background LED displays, including stage LED walls and LED stage screen rentals, are ideal for live broadcasting, effectively avoiding black lines and flicker. Regardless of any applicaton, our background LED screens can provide synchronous and clear information transmission.



Quality LED Screen for Events 

BAKO is one of the largest LED screen suppliers in China with exports to 100+ countries and 10000+ successful cases, we offer different types of LED screens both for indoor and outdoor applications. We also boast that we are a top provider of LED screens for events with competitive pricing and services.

Customize your background LED screen with any size or specifications you want. Contact BAKO today and let us illuminate your next stage production with the power of our innovative LED technology.

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