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Control rooms are essential environments that benefits display system that displays all your mission-critical information from a single source. Having a reliable control room display solution is extremely important for operators managing and monitoring essential data and videos.

BAKO’s customized high-resolution control room displays are widely used in environments such as security control rooms, command centers, and industrial monitoring facilities. Control room monitor provides a clear and high-resolution view of the data, allowing operators to quickly and efficiently monitor and manage the information being displayed. Control room video walls can also be used to display real-time alerts, notifications, and other important messages for the control room operators.

Control Room Display Solutions’ Advantages

1. Crystal-Clarity

BAKO control room displays boast adjustable brightness and high contrast, offering crisp and vivid content visibility under any indoor lighting conditions.

2. Immersive Viewing From Any Angle

Our control room monitors have wide viewing angles (170° horizontal, 160° vertical) that make crucial information readily accessible from any position in the control room.

3. Maintenance Convenience

With super slim panels and a 100% front service design BAKO’s control room monitors provide super easy maintenance, that minimizes downtime and maximizes efficiency, particularly important in control room applications.

4. Versatility & Control

BAKO control room displays allow you to create custom control room video walls that perfectly suit your monitoring needs. From single displays to expansive video walls, customize your setup for any preference you have.

5. Sustainable Choice

Make a responsible choice with BAKO’s energy-saving LED technology, our control room display solutions decrease environmental impact while reducing costs.

6. Easy Installation

Our control room displays feature a simple and intuitive installation process, saving you valuable time and labor. Get your control room up and running quickly and efficiently.


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BAKO has 15+ years of experience providing control room display solutions exporting to 100+ countries for mission-critical environments that include:

  • – Emergency management
  • – Government and defense
  • – Public safety services
  • – Security and surveillance
  • – Transportation
  • – Network Operations
  • – Broadcasting

Customize your control room monitors with BAKO at competitive pricing and without compromising quality. Chat with us today!

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