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BAKO Meets You at LED China 2024 With Our Screen Solutions


LED CHINA is one of the largest exhibitions that brings together professionals, innovators, and enthusiasts in the LED industry to discover the latest innovations and network with leaders. As a premier global trade exhibition specializing in indoor LED display solutions, digital signage, LED packaging chips, and more, the upcoming LED CHINA 2024 offers BAKO an ideal platform to showcase our innovative screen solutions. We are delighted to participate and meet attendees at booth 1-L01.

BAKO at LED China

About LED China 2024

Founded in 2005, LED China is a premier LED industry event. In 2015, this screen solutions exhibition expanded to Shanghai and has been holding annual events in Shenzhen and Shanghai since 2019. These trade shows have been highly successful, earning industry recognition and attracting buyers from around the world.

The upcoming LED CHINA 2024 promises to continue the event’s tradition of presenting the latest innovations in the LED screen solutions industry. The exhibition will provide a premier platform for professionals from around the world to come together. With support from leading industry associations, LED CHINA 2024 aims to drive collaboration and transformation through its integration of resources. It will serve as a comprehensive global stage to promote growth across the LED sector.

  • Date and Venue

The three-day event will start on February 26th, 2024, at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center in the Futian District. It will end on 28th.

  • Highlights

This year’s exhibition focuses on a wide variety of advanced technologies. These include 3D displays and transparent displays, as well as immersive spheres and 360-degree experiences. It will highlight innovations in miniLED and microLED screen solutions integrated into digital infrastructure. Attendees can source products from top brands for applications in commercial signage, AV systems, stadium advertising, lighting, and more. The event highlights the industry’s importance as it drives transformation through cooperation between associations.


What to Expect from BAKO?

At LED CHINA 2024, BAKO will showcase our innovative screen solutions that are elevating experiences across multiple industries. We pride ourselves on delivering best-in-class products and total visualization solutions. We passionately work to push technological boundaries and incorporate the latest advances into our offerings.

Combined with our in-house manufacturing excellence and strict quality controls, we provide highly reliable and customized displays that meet an array of unique customer needs. We strive to provide leading products and technologies that enhance visualization experiences for customers worldwide. Here’s what attendees of booth 1-L01 at the event can expect from BAKO:

  • Revolutionizing Outdoor Events

We aim to showcase our flagship Diamond Series V4.0 curved LED screens at the event. These advanced screen solutions are revolutionizing the way events are staged outdoors. Their modular and lightweight design unlocks new possibilities for creative video wall formations in open-air settings. Whether hosting concerts, festivals, or exhibitions, their flexibility allows visuals to truly captivate audiences on a grand scale like never before. Some key features include:

  • Cabinets from 6.8kg to 12kg for effortless setup and transportation
  • Capability for 0-5° outward or 0-20° inward curved configurations
  • Mixing of 500x500mm and 500x1000mm cabinet sizes for unlimited designs
  • Flexible locating pins to ease maintenance without disruptions
  • Energy-efficient stage LED screen technology to reduce costs and carbon footprint

Diamond Series V4.0 curved LED screens

  • Immersive Indoor Viewing

For immersive indoor viewing experiences, attendees will meet our 162″ P0.9 COB LED Display and 108″ P1.25 COB LED Display. These indoor LED displays enhance visual experiences in various indoor settings, including retail environments, corporate boardrooms, and entertainment venues. They offer seamless integration, stunning clarity, and vibrant colors, enhancing presentations, advertisements, and entertainment content. Key features include:

  • Flexible and fast splicing methods and wide environmental adaptability
  • Seamless flat splicing
  • High reliability with IP54 and sturdy frame
  • Good heat dissipation, high light efficiency, long life, and good light color consistency

COB LED Display

  • Enhancing Stadium Experiences

We will also showcase our SpaceShip Series 2.0 outdoor LED displays at LED China 2024. These products are designed to enhance experiences for fans and players in sporting stadiums. Purpose-built for reliability in demanding weather conditions, these screen solutions ensure spectators can enjoy spectacular multiscreen presentations without disruption. Some important features that make our large LED video screen rental for stadiums and arenas a top choice include:

  • IP68 protection for withstanding low/high temperatures, UV rays, rain, and wind
  • Strong modular frames for durable outdoor performance
  • Front and rear service access for convenient maintenance
  • Customizable designs to showcase exciting matches and events

SpaceShip Series 2.0 outdoor LED displays

Connect with Us

We encourage LED CHINA 2024 attendees to explore our innovations. Visit booth 1-L01 to discuss projects and solutions with BAKO’s knowledgeable representatives. As a leader in visual integrated solutions, we will continue innovating business models to deliver leading products and services. We strive for honest excellence through quality, reputation, and service. For more information, please contact BAKO. We look forward to meeting you and supporting your visualization needs together.

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