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A Trusted LED Display Supplier Driving Innovation and Customer Satisfaction: BAKO


When it comes to LED display solutions, Shenzhen BAKO Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. stands out as a reliable and innovative LED display supplier. Since our establishment in 2008, BAKO has been committed to providing leading LED display products and LED rental services. With a global presence, an extensive track record of successful deliveries, and a strong warranty program, we have earned the trust of customers worldwide.



Global reach and Cooperation

As a LED display supplier, we have the ability to understand and meet the diverse needs of the international market. Our LED display solutions have been successfully delivered to more than 103 countries, reflecting our team’s strong logistics capabilities and commitment to customer satisfaction on a global scale.


Commitment to Quality and Warranty

BAKO’s dedication to excellence is evident in our emphasis on quality and warranty programs. We provide customers with a generous 5-year warranty, showcasing BAKO’s confidence in the durability and reliability of our LED display products. This commitment to quality assurance ensures that customers can rely on BAKO’s solutions for long-term performance and peace of mind.


An Impressive Resume

BAKO’s success can be measured by our extensive portfolio of more than 10,000 completed cases. Each case represents a satisfied customer and the successful implementation of a BAKO LED display solution. Whether it is a large commercial project, an entertainment venue or an educational institution, BAKO’s track record has proven us as an excellent LED display supplier.


Corporate Mission and Values

BAKO’s mission is deeply rooted in our commitment to continuous learning, innovation and customer focus. We strive for in-depth research and innovation to provide leading products to meet the changing market needs. BAKO also attaches great importance to the growth and development of our employees, recognizing that a skilled and motivated workforce is essential to delivering superior solutions. We are not only a LED display supplier, but also a socially responsible and responsible enterprise for employees.


Drive Innovation and Industry Leadership

Our relentless pursuit of innovation and our mission to be an industry leader have made BAKO a forward-looking LED display supplier. By deeply studying market trends, investing in research and development and embracing emerging technologies, we consistently deliver cutting-edge solutions to meet changing industry needs. BAKO’s commitment to innovation ensures that customers have access to state-of-the-art LED display products that push the boundaries of visual communication.



We have established ourselves as a trusted supplier of LED display solutions, driven by a mission to provide leading products, foster employee growth, and create win-win partnerships with customers. As we continue to study and innovate, BAKO is set to shape the future of LED display technology and provide businesses with impactful visual solutions that meet their evolving needs.

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