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BAKO’s Cutting-Edge Ultra Thin LED Displays: Diamond Series V4.0


At BAKO, we are passionate about innovation and excellence in visual technology. Our Diamond Series V4.0 offers state-of-the-art Ultra Thin LED Displays that redefine clarity, brightness, and performance for both indoor and outdoor applications. The Diamond Series V4.0 is more than just a display; it is a testament to our unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional visual experiences. Crafted with precision and expertise, these displays exude sophistication and brilliance, offering unmatched clarity that brings content to life with vivid detail and sharpness. Whether used indoors or outdoors, our Ultra Thin LED Displays elevate the viewing experience to new levels, captivating audiences and immersing them in a world of vibrant colors and sharp contrasts.


Unmatched Product Parameters for Superior Performance
As a pioneer in curved LED display technology, we pride ourselves on our product parameters that set the industry standard. With pixel pitches ranging from 1.95 to 4.81 and pixel densities up to 262144 dots per square meter, our Ultra Thin LED displays deliver unparalleled image quality that captivates audiences.


Die-Casting Aluminum Cabinets for Durability and Maintenance
Our Diamond Series V4.0 features die-casting aluminum cabinets that combine strength with lightweight construction. Offering rear maintenance with the option for module front service, our cabinets are designed for easy access and hassle-free upkeep, ensuring seamless operation and longevity.


Enhanced Brightness and Efficiency for Optimal Viewing Experience
We prioritize brightness and efficiency in our Ultra Thin curved LED display. With brightness levels ranging from 800 to 5500 nits, our screens deliver vivid visuals that stand out in any environment. Additionally, our displays boast a refresh rate exceeding 3840 Hz, guaranteeing smooth and flicker-free content delivery.


In addition to brightness, we place a strong emphasis on efficiency and performance. Our curved LED displays feature a refresh rate that exceeds 3840 Hz, setting a high standard for smooth and seamless content delivery. This elevated refresh rate guarantees that content is displayed with unparalleled clarity and precision, ensuring that every frame is rendered crisply and without any flickering, even in fast-paced or dynamic visual settings.

In conclusion, at BAKO, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of visual technology with our Diamond Series V4.0 Ultra Thin LED Displays. From unmatched product parameters and durable cabinets to enhanced brightness and efficiency, our curved LED displays offer a superior viewing experience that exceeds expectations. Partner with us to transform your indoor and outdoor spaces with cutting-edge LED technology that illuminates, captivates, and inspires.

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