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BAKO’s Diamond Series V3.0 Rental LED Screen


Step into a world of cutting-edge visual technology with BAKO’s Diamond Series V3.0 large LED screen rental. Designed for seamless installation and maintenance, our innovative displays redefine the standard for event visuals, combining simplicity, aesthetic appeal, and structural durability to deliver an unparalleled viewing experience.

Front Installation and Maintenance Simplified

Experience the convenience of 100% front installation and front maintenance with BAKO’s Diamond Series V3.0 rental LED screens. Our displays are engineered for effortless handling, allowing modules, HUB boards, cards, and power supplies to be easily accessed and removed from the front, ensuring a fabulous appearance and smooth operation.


The simple and smooth design of our LED screens, featuring a conventional size of 500 X 500mm, showcases improved structural integrity, attractive aesthetics, and symmetrical looks. The high-strength frame case prevents distortion, guaranteeing the flatness of the entire screen for a flawless visual presentation that captivates audiences.


Modular Design for Easy Dismantling and Assembly

Built with a focus on user-friendly functionality, BAKO‘s Diamond Series V3.0 rental LED screens adopt a modular design that streamlines module and system card dismantling. The integrally designed cabinets feature four protective rotation shaft-through slots at the bottom and posts at the top, enhancing anti-bump capabilities, precise positioning, and effortless assembly.


This innovative construction approach not only ensures the swift setup and disassembly of the LED screens but also reinforces their durability and reliability for various event applications. With our modular design, you can transform event spaces with ease and efficiency, making every display experience seamless and impactful.


Transform Your Events with BAKO’s Rental LED Screen Solutions

Unlock the potential of your events with our Diamond Series V3.0 large LED screen rental, designed to elevate visual experiences and set new standards for event technology. Whether you’re hosting corporate gatherings, trade shows, concerts, or exhibitions, our LED displays offer unmatched versatility, performance, and visual appeal.


With a commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we strive to provide large LED screen rental solutions that empower you to create immersive and engaging environments for your audience. From front installation convenience to modular design flexibility, BAKO’s LED screens are the ideal choice for transforming your events into unforgettable experiences.



In conclusion, BAKO’s Diamond Series V3.0 large LED screen rental embodies a perfect combination of advanced technology, user-friendly features, and exceptional design, making them the ultimate choice for enhancing event visuals. With front installation and maintenance capabilities, modular design elements, and durable construction, our LED screens offer a seamless and immersive viewing experience that leaves a lasting impression on audiences. Elevate your events with BAKO’s rental LED screen solutions and witness the transformative power of visual innovation in action.

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