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Elevate Sports Experience with BAKO Stadium LED Screens


BAKO is the go-to company for exceptional stadium LED screens. Our BK-S Series is specifically designed to elevate the sports experience, providing a visual spectacle that enhances the excitement and engagement of spectators. With our stadium LED screens, you can create an immersive environment that captivates the audience and leaves a lasting impression. In addition, we offer Advertising Led Display to meet your different display needs.


Compliance Design for Different Sports Venues


We understand that different sports venues have unique requirements, and that’s why our stadium LED screens are designed to comply with various regulations and standards. Whether it’s a football stadium, basketball arena, or any other sports facility, our screens are the perfect choice. We take into account factors such as viewing angles, refresh rates, and color accuracy to ensure that every seat in the venue offers an optimal viewing experience.


Larger Screen Size for Improved Installation Efficiency


Installation efficiency is crucial when it comes to stadium LED screens. Our BK-S Series offers a larger screen size, allowing for quicker and more efficient installation. With fewer individual panels to assemble, our screens save time and effort, ensuring that your sports venue is ready for action in no time.


Double Protection Design for Player Safety and Screen Durability


Player safety and screen durability are of utmost importance in sports venues. Our stadium LED screens feature a double protection design that ensures both. With protective measures in place, our screens provide a safe environment for athletes and spectators alike. Additionally, the durability of our screens means that they can withstand the physical demands of sports events, delivering a reliable and long-lasting solution.


Withstand Harsh Climate and Weather Conditions


Outdoor sports venues are exposed to harsh climate and weather conditions, and that’s why our stadium LED screens are built to withstand them. Our screens are resistant to elements such as rain, wind, and extreme temperatures, ensuring that they continue to perform consistently regardless of the weather. With IP65/IP54 protection ratings, you can have peace of mind knowing that our screens are designed for reliability in outdoor applications.


Adjustable Tilt Angle for Optimal Viewing Experience


To provide an optimal viewing experience for spectators, our stadium LED screens feature an adjustable tilt angle. This allows for flexible positioning, ensuring that the screens are positioned at the angle for maximum visibility and engagement. Every seat in the venue will have a clear view of the action, enhancing the overall sports experience.


Product Parameters for Stadium LED Screens


Pixel Pitch: 10mm

Scanning: 1/2

High Brightness: 7000 nits for Clear Visibility

IP65/IP54 Protection for Outdoor Applications

Energy-Efficient Consumption: 270W/㎡ (Average) and 800W/㎡ (Maximum)


Our stadium LED screens boast impressive product parameters that contribute to their exceptional performance. With a pixel pitch of 10mm and a scanning ratio of 1/2, our screens offer sharp and detailed images that bring the action to life. The high brightness level of 7000 nits ensures clear visibility even in bright outdoor conditions. With IP65/IP54 protection, our screens are built to withstand outdoor applications, providing reliability and durability. Furthermore, our screens are energy-efficient, consuming an average of 270W/㎡ and a maximum of 800W/㎡, ensuring cost-effective operation.




BAKO Stadium LED Screens are the good choice for sports venues looking to elevate the sports experience. With our BK-S Series, we provide compliance design, larger screen sizes, double protection, and the ability to withstand harsh climate and weather conditions. Our screens offer an adjustable tilt angle for optimal viewing experience, ensuring that every spectator has a clear view of the action. With impressive product parameters, including pixel pitch, scanning ratio, high brightness, IP65/IP54 protection, and energy-efficient consumption, our stadium LED screens deliver exceptional performance and reliability. Choose BAKO to transform your sports venue into a visual spectacle that enhances the excitement and engagement of spectators.

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