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Enhancing Visual Experiences Across Industries:BAKO’s Commercial Display Solution


With a wide range of applications, BAKO‘s commercial displays offer superior visual performance, adaptability to different environments, high color reproduction, excellent flatness and ease of installation. We have become a leader in commercial display solutions, providing many display solutions to meet different business needs.



Advantages of BAKO’s Commercial Displays

Wide Viewing Area: BAKO’s commercial displays employ a large viewing angle design, ensuring that the picture remains undistorted and free from color deviation. This feature guarantees an immersive visual experience for viewers, regardless of their position relative to the display.


Environmental Adaptability: Our commercial displays excel in demanding environments. They are waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, and lightning-resistant. Additionally, they offer protection against electromagnetic interference and harmful UV rays. These exceptional features allow BAKO’s LED displays to operate smoothly even in harsh conditions, ensuring uninterrupted performance.


High Color Reproduction: BAKO places a strong emphasis on high color reproduction to enhance the realism and visual impact of displayed content. By accurately reproducing colors, our commercial displays deliver vibrant and lifelike visuals, making the viewing experience more engaging and captivating.


Excellent Flatness: We understand the importance of a flawless display surface.     Any localized convexity or concavity can create visual dead angles, negatively affecting the overall display effect. BAKO’s commercial displays exhibit excellent flatness, providing a seamless and uniform display surface that ensures optimal visual performance.


Easy Installation: BAKO’s commercial displays are designed for easy installation, saving both time and labor. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses that require quick setup or frequently change display locations. With BAKO’s displays, businesses can efficiently deploy their visual solutions without unnecessary hassle.


Diverse Application Scenarios

Our commercial display solutions are suitable for many applications, such as large screens in business centers to display information about various businesses, and showrooms or pavilions to create an immersive environment and enhance the sense of participation of visitors. At the same time, it can also provide a clearer display plan for high-speed rail stations, train stations or subway stations, in order to allow tourists to capture information faster, understand the information and travel at ease.


Wonderful Cases

One notable example of BAKO’s expertise is the construction of the largest outdoor advertising LED display in Malaysia, located in Kuala Lumpur’s busiest commercial center. This 1500-square-meter outdoor LED display, standing 21 meters tall and 71 meters wide, has become a Malaysian city landmark and a popular tourist attraction. BAKO’s display supports VR virtual reality technology, offering a captivating visual experience. Moreover, our energy-saving solutions enable significant cost savings for partners by reducing energy consumption by 40%.



BAKO delivers state-of-the-art commercial display solutions that enhance visual experiences across industries. Whether it’s creating engaging retail environments, captivating exhibition spaces, or transforming architectural facades, our commercial displays enable businesses to make a lasting impact on audiences.

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