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Setting the Standard as the Best LED Video Wall Brand with Unmatched Features and Performance: BAKO


When it comes to LED video walls, BAKO has emerged as the undisputed leader in the industry, offering a range of exceptional products that set new benchmarks for quality and performance. With the revolutionary no-module frame design, 100% front service and front installation capabilities, super wide viewing angle, high gray scale with low luminance, and seamless splicing screen, we stand out as the best LED video wall brand.

Reliable Quality Assurance

As a LED video wall brand, we deeply understand that in order to become the best LED video wall brand in the market, the first step should be to ensure that our products are compliant and meet a variety of production standards. National patent certifications such as 1SO9001:2015, CCC, CE, UL, FCC, ETL, BIS, ROHS, and other permission certificates have been obtained for our products. The items are popular in more than 30 Chinese provinces and cities, and they are sold to more than 100 nations and regions.


More Convenient Installation

We differentiate ourselves from competitors with our reliable design, eliminating the need for additional frames and cables between modules and cabinets. This feature significantly speeds up the installation process, making it more convenient and hassle-free. By simplifying the setup procedure, we enable businesses to save time and resources, ensuring a smooth and efficient installation experience.


100% Front Service and Front Installation

BAKO’s LED video walls come with the advantage of 100% front service and front installation capabilities, enhancing maintenance and service efficiency. With support for wall-mounted installation, businesses can easily integrate BAKO displays into their desired spaces. The ability to access and remove modules, HUB boards, cards, and power supplies from the front eliminates the need for rear access, simplifying maintenance procedures and minimizing disruption to the display setup.


Super Wide Viewing Angle for Enhanced Visual Experiences

We know that projecting video on a large screen needs to take into account not only the visual effects, but also the experience of the audience. BAKO’s LED video walls feature a super wide viewing angle, ensuring that all audience members can enjoy vivid and captivating visuals from various positions. This wide viewing angle eliminates potential distortion or color shifts, guaranteeing an immersive visual experience for every viewer.


Seamless Splicing Screen for Uninterrupted Visuals

BAKO’s LED video walls excel in seamless splicing, delivering a continuous and uninterrupted viewing experience. Whether it’s a large-scale video wall or a multi-screen setup, BAKO’s displays seamlessly connect to create a cohesive and immersive visual canvas.



We have earned our reputation as the best LED video wall brand by consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation and performance. Businesses can rely on BAKO’s LED video walls to deliver stunning visuals, efficient installation and maintenance, and an unparalleled viewing experience. With BAKO, excellence is guaranteed, making it the ultimate choice for businesses seeking top-tier LED video wall solutions.

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