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Spaceship Series 2.0: Defying Elements, Redefining Outdoor Advertising Excellence


In the dynamic world of outdoor advertising, the quest for an exceptional LED screen for advertising that not only captures attention but withstands the harshest elements is paramount. Here at BAKO, we introduce the Spaceship Series 2.0 – a pinnacle of strength, resilience, and cutting-edge technology. As a team committed to pushing boundaries, we unveil the epitome of excellence in LED screen for advertising, designed to thrive in the most challenging environments, delivering robust and brilliant visual experiences.

Spaceship Series 2.0: Beyond Resilience, Embracing Strength and Sophistication

Embark on a transformative journey with Spaceship Series 2.0, where strength seamlessly meets sophistication. In the realm of outdoor advertising, where exposure to harsh weather is inevitable, our screens stand as sentinels of resilience. The module frames are meticulously engineered to withstand extreme temperatures and high UV conditions, ensuring optimal performance even in the most unforgiving climates.


Unmatched Durability: The Robust Foundations of Spaceship Series 2.0

Spaceship Series 2.0 stands resilient against the challenges presented by extreme weather conditions. The module frames not only showcase resilience but also serve as a testament to enduring strength. Whether facing low or high temperatures or enduring the relentless rays of the sun, Spaceship Series 2.0 remains unwavering. This steadfastness ensures advertisers a reliable platform for their visual narratives, regardless of the weather conditions. The robust foundations of our LED screens for advertising set a new standard for durability in the industry.


Practical Brilliance: Front & Rear Service for Seamless Maintenance

In the realm of outdoor advertising, where every moment counts, maintenance is a critical aspect often overlooked. Spaceship Series 2.0, however, redefines the game with both front and rear service options. Our screens are not just robust; they are designed for practicality. The versatility of maintenance options ensures that your LED screen for advertising campaigns runs smoothly without disruptions. Spaceship Series 2.0 becomes not just a canvas for creativity but a reliable and accessible platform for advertisers.



As we navigate the dynamic landscapes of outdoor advertising, BAKO Optoelectronics takes immense pride in presenting Spaceship Series 2.0, a manifestation of our unwavering commitment to excellence. Beyond the ordinary, beyond limits – our LED screen for advertising screens redefine the standards, setting a new benchmark for durability and brilliance. With strength that endures and technology that dazzles, Spaceship Series 2.0 stands as a testament to BAKO’s dedication to shaping the future of LED screens for advertising. Elevate your campaigns with us, where every pixel tells a story of resilience and brilliance.

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