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High protection level: shockproof, anti-collision, moisture-proof, dust-proof, LED panel front side waterproof (IP65).

With virtual pixel and real pixel design.

Energy saving: Common cathode circuit design.

convenient operation and maintenance.

Flip-chip COB display technology

Ultra-lightand ultra-thin,fashion and simple appearance

Cabinet size:600*337.5mm

Fast Installation and Maintenance

Supports wall-mounted and floor-standing mobile bracket installation, which can be easily installed and maintained in a short time.

High Gray Scale with Low Luminance

Beyond its stunning visuals, this high-resolution LED display has super performance. You can view even the subtlest details with precise color reproduction and exceptional contrast

Product parameters

applicationPixel pitch
scanning methodrefresh rateGrayscalebrightnessModule size
P0.931/407680Hz16bit adjustable to 24bit1200nit
P1.561/277680Hz16bit adjustable to 22bit2000nit

Energy-saving Design

It is not just ultra-thin COB LED screens, they’re also energy-saving COB LED displays. Besides offering high-performance and easy installation, BAKO’s thin COB LED screens are built with energy-efficient COB technology that can save you power costs and help lessen your carbon footprint.

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