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2023 LED China/BAKO Takes You to Witness the Wonderful Moments of the Exhibition


From July 17th to 18th, 2023, the much-anticipated 20th Shenzhen International LED Exhibition (LED China) opened grandly.BAKO made a wonderful appearance with XR stage LED display solutions, Carbon fiber and a series of products. There was a constant flow of people at the exhibition site and the atmosphere was warm.

With the innovation of XR technology and the continuous penetration of application scenarios in the large audio-visual field, the recognition of XR virtual shooting is gradually increasing, the industry continues to grow, and it has become a key development track.BAKO P2.6 XR indoor screen can be used with Brompton/Nova/Colorite systems, reaching a high refresh rate of 7680HZ, achieving 100% PCI-P3 positive color gamut, and a brightness of 1500-1800 nits, and has won unanimous praise from customers at home and abroad.

Another product worthy of attention is the 135″ indoor P1.25 all-in-one machine with COB display, which integrates high contrast, high brightness and wide color gamut, and has been praised by customers.

In addition, Carbon fiber and 162″ indoor P1.56 all-in-one machines also made a major appearance at this exhibition. Carbon fiber P2.6 can achieve ultra-thin design and is very light whether it is transportation, installation or later maintenance. Audiences said that BAKO’s products are excellent, both in terms of appearance design and technical performance.

This exciting event will last until July 19th.Welcome to visit Bacco booth 1-L01. We look forward to sharing more exciting innovative products and unlimited possibilities with you.

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