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Innovative LED Displays by BAKO on ISE 2024


BAKO is a leading international manufacturer and LED display solution provider. For over a decade, BAKO has pushed the boundaries of innovation in LED hardware design, screen performance, and total solution offerings. ISE 2024 will be a significant event for the professional audio, video, and systems integration industry. As one of the largest worldwide exhibitions in this sector, ISE is where the latest products and technologies are unveiled each year. BAKO aims to attend this event to show our innovative design, connect with audiences, and more.

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ISE Europe 2024: A Platform for Innovation

Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) is a leading international exhibition. It is held annually in Barcelona for audio-visual (AV) and systems integration. For years, ISE has provided a global platform for attendees to convene and witness the latest trends. As the highly anticipated ISE Europe 2024 approaches, attendees eagerly await visionary LED display solutions.

BAKO’s participation will be integral to the event as we will allow viewers to experience our vision for the future of LED displays. As a long-standing leader in advanced display solutions, BAKO expects to show how our solutions can elevate imaging standards. Through product demonstrations and applications, we hope attendees will find what they are looking for at ISE.

BAKO at ISE 2024

BAKO’s Reliable LED Displays on ISE 2024

BAKO has solidified our reputation as an expert in innovative LED displays. We offer diverse product series suited for various deployment needs. On ISE 2024, BAKO will introduce the following models exemplifying our reliable LED display technology:

• Rental Display

BAKO’s rental display solutions optimize installation efficiency. The Carbon Fiber rental display boasts cabinets and modules that are incredibly thin, measuring just 60mm in thickness. This thin design ensures a lightweight build, setting a breeze at only 5.3kg. Its patented fast lock mechanism simplifies maintenance, allowing for easy and quick adjustments. Besides, it offers a high refresh rate and brightness. The ultra-high contrast ratio also guarantees perfect HD pictures and images, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

The Diamond Series V4.0 series provides seamless connectivity through modular cabinets. Their flexible locating pins enable simple module removal without disassembling surrounding cabinets.

BAKO’s Diamond Series V3.0 series is the innovative dual-mode maintenance (front & rear) LED rental display. Its modules, HUB boards, cards, and power supplies all extract from the front, drastically reducing service time.

Carbon Fiber rental display

• COB LED Display

BAKO’s COB (Chip on Board) LED displays represent a leap forward in display technology. This technology directly incorporates individual LED chips onto the circuit board. It fulfills higher pixel density, enhanced color consistency, and superior contrast ratios. Thus, they are especially suitable for applications demanding impeccable visual clarity and uniformity.

The COB LED displays, like the P0.9 and P1.2, show BAKO’s commitment to innovation. The P0.9 COB displays boast mini flip-chip COB technology, ensuring uniform ink color, seamless integration, and exceptional energy efficiency. Moreover, P1.2 COB displays are engineered with full flip-chip technology, offering exceptional heat dissipation, high light efficiency, extended longevity, and consistent light color. With COB LED innovation, BAKO continues to offer products that excel in performance, reliability, and visual excellence.

COB LED Display

• Outdoor LED Advertising Screens

BAKO’s IP68-rated SPACESHIP SERIES 2.0 cabinets withstand challenging outdoor environments. Humidity, dust, and temperature fluctuations cannot beat them. Besides, the cabinet modules ensure that they are front-serviceable without disassembling surrounding cabinets. So, this outdoor LED advertising screen is suitable for weatherproof digital billboards and flashy outdoor displays.


Leveraging ISE Europe 2024

BAKO has extensive plans to leverage ISE Europe 2024 to show our latest innovations. At booth 6M800, visitors will discover BAKO’s complete range of COB LED display solutions along with demonstrations of new product series. Our presentations will provide information on next-generation technologies.

Besides, BAKO is offering the exclusive discount code “ETTZUSVC” to ISE Europe 2024 visitors. Using this code when registering at allows free entry, saving €175 on registration fees. So, don’t forget to utilize this special promotion and join the experience at the upcoming event.

BAKO at ISE 2024


BAKO has driven innovation in the LED industry for over a decade. At ISE Europe 2024, we will unveil new technologies that redefine large-scale displays. As the premier global event for the audio and video industry, ISE provides the ideal platform for BAKO to show our vision for the future of imaging. We encourage all the attendees needing innovative LED solutions to join this iconic exhibition. For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with BAKO.

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