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Time Witnesses the Quality of BAKO: Mexico’s ten-year-old screen remains as good as the first time we saw it


Recently, BAKO received feedback from a Mexican customer, expressing great recognition and appreciation for BAKO’s products. In 2012, the customer purchased a P20 outdoor LED display from BAKO and installed it in a local stadium in Mexico.

Now, ten years have passed by in a hurry. Let us witness the excellent quality of the Chinese brand BAKO LED display. Whether it is the intuitive feeling at the scene or the performance under the camera, the display effect of BAKO’s LED display in the stadium is still very good. This screen perfectly explains BAKO’s value concept with its low power consumption, low heat dissipation, long life and low operating cost.

2012 BAKO LED display (local stadium in Mexico)


BAKO designs LED displays specifically for sports events, paying great attention to their quality. Adhering to the principle that only good quality products can ensure effective results. Compared with traditional outdoor displays, it has better durability and corrosion resistance, and can operate normally even in harsh weather conditions.

2023 B
AKO LED display (local stadium in Mexico)


BAKO outdoor LED display has the following six advantages:

1. Large viewing angle and wide viewing area: Adopt a large viewing angle design to cover the viewing angle to the greatest extent, and the picture will not be deformed or color cast;

2. Strong adaptability to the environment: excellent performance in waterproofing, moisture-proof, dustproof, lightning protection, anti-electromagnetic interference, anti-ultraviolet, etc.; at the same time, it has stronger performance in the field of high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance. Under the influence of any harsh environment, BAKOLED display screen still runs smoothly;

3. High color restoration: ensure the reality of the image and make the visual effect more perfect;

4. The flatness of the screen is excellent; it prevents the display image from being distorted, and local bulges or recesses will cause blind spots in the viewing angle of the display screen;

5. Easy installation: Easy to install, saving time and effort.

6. High brightness, automatic brightness adjustment: The brightness ofBAKO Optoelectronics’ outdoor LED display can reach 8000nits, which fully meets the high-definition display effect under strong outdoor sunlight; at the same time, the product brightness can be automatically adjusted to the best value according to the brightness of the surrounding environment and weather conditions. Watch the effect.

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